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Read our Books for Free or Buy Them

  1. Read a book for free in electronic form:
    If you do not want or afford to place an order for a book, there are two ways to read it for free:

    1. If you go to the home page of the book you are interested in, you will find the whole book in the menu at the left.
      This way is not very convenient.
    2. In the pages that appear in the menu at the left now you will find all chapters of all books.
      This way is much more convenient.
  2. Buy a book either in printed or in electronic form:
    See here how you can acquire the book in printed form (bound book) or in electronic form (pdf file).

Why prefer to buy this book:

  1. Reading a book is much more pleasant, when it is in printed form. Reading from a monitor is exhausting.
  2. A book is the best present for your friends, collaborators or customers.
  3. By buying one or more books, you support Mathiteia Publications and their societal work.
  4. Rightly or wrongly, we have learned to not appreciate whatever is offered to us for free, and it will be a pity for you to not pay enough attention to the books of Mathiteia Publications, because they can offer you many useful things.

Why Mathiteia Publications give the possibility for free reading of their books:

  1. Because their most important goal is the spread of positive and optimistic messages that promote love for Truth and a healthy relation to ourselves and the world, and not the immediate financial profit.
  2. Because there are certainly many people who desperately need them, exactly because they do not have enough money to buy them.
  3. Because the possibility for free access to the books is going to make them known much sooner, so that as many as possible people shall be benefited by them.
  4. Because we do not believe in spiritual property, especially when it comes to messages that can help those who shall read them; let alone nowadays that we are going through turbulent times, when people thirst more than ever for healthy hearths of Truth and companionship.
  5. Because we want that whoever decides to place an order for one or more copies for himself and his friends and collaborators shall first be certain about the quality and usefulness of the books he buys.
  6. In order that the readers are able to read our books immediately and send us texts in which they will describe their personal experience while reading the books. More about this possibility you can find here.
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