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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

The plans.

The physical states take noise to be built. Machines work and dig, moulds are constructed, concrete is poured into them. On the contrary, the State of Freedom takes absolute silence to be built. It is not built outside and above Earth but deeply inside the mind and the heart. It neither has a finite depth nor a finite breadth. The works are never accomplished, because there is always infinite depth and infinite broadness available for the state to expand peacefully and harmoniously in the three dimensions’ space as well as in the dimension of time.

The depth begins with reconciliation. The furious enemy, the mind, confesses and becomes a compassionate friend, a moved and committed master builder for the further excavation, also thirsty like me for freedom, constantly beside me, near me every step of the way.

Having the mind as ally and comrade, I am now able to proceed to a deeper layer, where abandonment, relinquishment, confidence and ungrudging surrender to the ever-flowing stream of life constitute liberation altogether.

And when I go even deeper, I shall find diffusion, expansion, comradeship, fiery abundance, which is poured like sanative lava and sears Linnaean Hydra’s heads, this is to say the prison guards, the mental webs of my brothers, who are fascinated by the savor of freedom and show up one by one, in order to see, listen and become liberated.

As soon as their webs get burned and also their minds become friends instead of enemies and they become liberated together with me, then also their fiery abundance overflows and dashes into my own mental webs and sears them, before they even have enough time to receive a definite form.

The breadth has already increased; it has gained mutual reciprocating value. The tinder of my old pain, with the help of the combustible material of all brothers’ will for confession and freedom, becomes a lasting glisten of burning, visible from far away, fascinating and attracting more brothers who also desire relinquishment from their own torturing mental webs.

The depth and the breadth merge into each other, while compassion and reconciliation that I experience for my mental web fill me with understanding and a feeling of comradeship for my brothers who have been harassed by the same causes like me; they precipitate all reasons for blame and criticism inside me. Similarly, in a greater depth, the breadth also increases, as the abandonment of my mental webs and the trustful surrender to the beyond reasoning ever-flowing stream of life appeals and drifts my close brothers and fellow travelers into their infinitely pulsating heart, that is to say into the sphere of freedom. And their own surrender appeals to me, for, when we have been liberated, we have all become one.

And then I become a small child again and watch the gigantic brothers from below, filled with awe and admiration, and I am grateful for the luminiferous example which these meritorious, great persons constitute for me, their humble dedicated admirer. I wish for them to be always well, in order to carry on illuminating my way with their example[1].

In this depth the way has no return. For, when you are free from the mind’s web and you still live and breathe, then nothing concerns or moves you apart from freedom. And you live with the unique goal to humbly serve until your last breath the two beautiful sisters you adored, Truth and Freedom, who were probably one and the same – you didn’t find out and you never will.

But you don’t mind; you are not concerned by this useless playing of the mind, who wants to measure and count everything. The only thing you want is to serve the two beautiful sisters humbly, to introduce them to other admirable brothers and other sacred souls, which have also been haunted by their mind, their frightened tyrant yet potential friend. In this way the breadth of the common State of Freedom of you and all your brothers is ever increasing.

[1] This is a high concept of the humble and wise brother Dalai Lama, which my mind eagerly adopted, because it liberates him from his ego.

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