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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

The State of Freedom.

Now that I have found Truth, I have plenty of beautiful work ahead. I am about to build. The Impregnable Tower of Freedom! No, no, no tower, wrong, invalid. Towers build the brothers who are afraid of the invaders of any kind. I, myself, have also built many towers in the past, under various names.

I confess this truth immediately, before I snarl into new webs: I am afraid that I will lose my freedom and want, therefore, to confine it in the tower which I intend to build specifically for this purpose. But then I shall lose it for sure and I will find myself confined in my own tower, with my mind enslaved by the pitiful remembrance of my lost freedom. Let’s allow History to teach me. So many liberating philosophies and religions have been degenerated and many have completely disappeared inside the towers of the awkward forms and rules which they enacted out of fear not to vanish.

Every moment is a new one. Every need is different. The hands always work in the best possible way. Then why should I worry? Their seat and master, the heart, always leads them in the proper way, since the heart is the source of life and knows better than anyone its value. Hence, I do not need rules, forms, standardized ways, mental constructions which raise themselves on each other, thus constantly moving away from Earth. So, I do not need towers. The towers are slavery, they certify the fear; they denote the lack of trust in the heart, in the very wisdom of life.

Therefore, if I want to be free, the structure which I shall build is important to be close to Earth and be humane and not inhumane. It needs to be inspired by the love for the brothers of the whole world and by the trust in their latent deep wisdom. I do not want to build it out of fear of misery, because I now know that my freedom becomes stronger only when I serve their freedom, since only then my mind remains still and sedated.

So, the structure needs to be close to Earth, not lost some-where in the air. I want it to have enough space for all people, all ideologies and all caprices, not only for myself and a few chosen and selected ones, because the exclusion of the brothers who tense me by their peculiarities is also slavery.

I want the structure to have plenty of soil and water, flowers, trees, light; I do not want it to consist only of walls, bricks and concrete. I want it to have pleasant curves, not only rough straight lines and edges, so that viewing them the sterile mind will slip and not stick to ideas which make him act like a monomaniacal tyrant. I want it to have quiet and beautiful nooks and niches available for all my brothers, in order for all of us to have the possibility, whenever we need it, to withdraw there and give time to our small mind to transform once again from an enemy into a friend and brother.

Am I asking for too much? No, of course not. It is simple. I will build an exemplary state, consisting of low-rise yet with high ceilings, well-built, stone-made, well-lit residencies, parks, gardens, natural and artificial lakes, streams, bridges with beautiful curves – all situated in a limitless highland with the most ideal climate and ample space for every brother, with wide roads and streets full of green, a paradise of love and care, where everything will be allowed to see daylight, because the dare of exposure will be encouraged as the utmost virtue ultimately leading to freedom[1]. This State will be the Promised Land[2] for me and my brothers.

The city where I grew up was built by some brothers’ fear of the unknown future. They built everything going only by the rule of the high structural factor and the parochial interest of their confused mind, without any compassion, love and care for the brothers who would inhabit it, not even for themselves and their children. It is an inhumane city, which only by its rough look every day weaves in the minds of the millions of its inhabitants billions of unpleasant mental webs which imprison them.

Let me allow History to teach me once again and let me build the new state in a different way; in the spirit of comradeship and compassion for the brothers who will live there, and let’s name it “The State of Freedom”.

[1] The Greek poet Andreas Kalvos has written this famous verse: “Freedom takes virtue and dare.”

[2] The Promised Land:

  1. In the Bible: The Land Of Canaan, where God promised to the Jews that Moses would lead them, in order to live there happy after their hardship in Egypt. Source: Wikipedia
  2. Metaphorically: The place where we hope that all our dreams will be fulfilled and we shall forget our sufferings. Source: Wikipedia
  3. Here: The peaceful inner place where our inner self promises us that we are going to be guided to if we follow Truth, who will lead us to the deep knowledge of ourselves. In Greek the Promised Land is called “Γη της Επαγγελίας”, which means the Land of the Superior Call, which here means the call of the inner self to the mind to attain Truth, creativity, joy, Freedom.
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