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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Α11. I decide to liberate myself from the mind, w.i.t.[1].

Next evening…

As said, the mind yesterday rejoiced and relinquished the fixed idea that he was a victim of injustice, while he confessed the passions which had caged him in the stubbornness and the prospectless denial to yield to the injustice which was about to be committed at his expense. And, as if they knew that the ground had become malleable and auspicious thanks to the yesterday evening interference of the fertile Truth, two brothers who were involved in this case of injustice asked him today for the first time so heartily to sign that he accepts to be wronged, in order to stop the damage which was indirectly being caused to them by his denial.

And the mind, who now resided in the intimacy of the heart and not in his lofty, cold, adverse and spiky tower, a live witness of the unallayable flow of the blood inside my body, was now vibrated by the warm pulsation of life and compas-sion and eagerly agreed to sacrifice his formerly drowning in the pain and now confessed and liberated fixation for justice. With this act he rejoiced even more, because in this way he confirmed to himself the validity and the power of the yesterday’s confession and got himself convinced that these were not mere vain words but the manifestation of a new powerful mental attitude with endurance of time, a strong reason to hope for the conquest of freedom, for which he longs so strongly.

Now it has become dark outside and the mind contemplates what should be the next step on the rocky and unpredictable path to freedom. “I learned to introspect, to discern between the ostensible external occasions and the real internal causes of my pains. I confessed many current and old weaknesses, I met and fell in love with beautiful Truth, but the cycle of pain and joy carries on, it has not been eliminated, as I saw today.

“So, indeed, Truth is only the beginning, let’s not forget that its other facet, Freedom, is the goal. Truth loves me truly and, as long as I keep my love and admiration for her alive, she will be steadfastly encouraging me and succoring me on the intricate way of my nature’s labyrinth, in order to always make correct choices and avoid the traps and the deadlocks which the Unconsciousness, the obsessive soldier of Slavery, continues to set for me”.

I tasted the joy of freedom for some time, when I rolled around in a white and infinite field in the graceful and ethereal hug of beautiful Truth. However, the conquest of Truth, as I found out later, cannot annihilate the power of the habits. Today, as I returned to the frictions with the multiform and provocative field of matter[2], the associations restarted and overflowed my mind again. For every single one of the countless forms of the field of matter an association is born; each joy harbors in its innards an anxiety, a fear for the tough moment when the joy will fizzle out. Now and then I temporarily suspended the associations and confessed them, recalled again the forgotten Truth for a while, calmed down and started again.

The difference now is that I do not fall into despair like I used to; the relapses of my mind do not sadden me like previously, because I have tasted freedom thanks to the acquaintance with Truth. This taste is the motive for further work, because it constitutes for me the promise and the hope for a more free and happy future. Her hug relieved and sweetened me a lot, and so I feel for the first time so dedicated to the unfeigned Truth that I am now able to make the following decision, with an unprecedented inner certainty that I will honor it:

I shall do whatever it takes
to free myself from my mind,
no matter the sacrifices needed,
no matter the cost.
No matter the relapses,
I shall never quit,
for in the whole world
I have no other love as deep
as for the wise Freedom,
the other facet of the beauty Truth.

It is the first time that the end of the announcement of such a momentous decision is not instantaneously accompanied by the birth of the doubt and the fear that I will not adhere to it. The reason for this change is that now that the glowing Truth has taken me in her arms, all worldly Sirens have been demystified. They can only shake me temporarily and build only a flimsy and vulnerable barricade on the path to freedom, for now the mind has got an infallible safety valve, the confession in the center of the self, which is but the heart, the mother of the universe, the eternal seat of Truth from where she endlessly arises.

Deep joy and unexpected security renders to the long-suffering mind the new certainty. He is not anymore afraid of his unstable self; for the first time now he is convinced that he can trust him carte blanche in spite of his loaded criminal record, because his sincere and humble confession as well as Truth’s love produced within short time an admirable work, a correction and reformation which the constant suppression of decades was not able to achieve.

[1] This is the favorite abbreviation of the mind. It stands for “whatever it takes”, in other words “I will attain my goal, no matter what will be necessary to do, no matter at what cost, no matter how many sacrifices will be necessary”. This inner attitude equips him with a staying power and decisiveness, which lasts even during the most difficult hours, when everything denotes that the game has been definitively lost, and reminds him that, as long as he keeps on living and breathing, everything is reversible, provided he wants for it.

[2] The field of matter: the summation of all worldly fields of friction, which cause in the mind, depending on their outcome, joy, sorrow, peace, anger, pride, envy and various other positive or negative emotions.

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