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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β12.  The center of the self is enough enjoyment.

After his recent liberating findings the mind can now willingly replace every other joy with the return to the center of the self. Namely, he calls on the center of my self in order to find there the peacefulness, tranquility, spirituality, power, love and recognition that he has been searching for outside me so long. He does this again and again, every single moment, for his thoughts every so often lead him to the anxious pursuit of all goods which are located far away and outside of the center of my self. The center of my self can provide my mind with all that he has been searching for out there for years.

As a matter of fact, it can provide him with everything, with no exception; it can even fulfill the basic needs of his physical body, such as sleep and food, in a magic and logically inexplicable way. He only needs to cultivate limitless trust in the power of the pure spiritual nature which eternally resides inside him in the form of an unquenchable flame which warms my guts, lights my mind and is capable of performing any miracle.

So, I do this exercise whenever it is quiet. I do it in reference to all varied goods, one by one, so that the mind gets used to this healing treatment and becomes able to apply it instantly and effectively even in the heat of the moment under any circumstances, even the most adverse.

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