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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β15.  Let’s allow the thoughts to flow
through my mind!

One morning I woke up with these thoughts in my mind:

“Yes, yes, ok, I wish I were for all women the most favorite lover in the world; I wish I had the most well-trained, harmonious and sexy body among all men; I wish I were the most successful businessman in Greece, with the most genius ideas; I wish I were admired by everybody for my brilliant geniosity; I wish I had never been wronged by anybody; I wish all of us were always joyful and playful children, I and the people who are close to me; I wish I always had the self-discipline to always do the right thing and remain loyal to my decisions without getting carried away by other ideas, mine or others’; I wish I were less indifferent and more compassionate and dedicated to the service of the brothers who have needs of any kind; I wish, I wish, I wish…

“But the reality, at least what my mind has learned to consider as reality throughout the years by judging things according only to the way in which they have already manifested, so this tangible and manifested reality, the one which I have deified in my life while ignoring the other one, the limitless reality of the possibilities, which still remains unmanifested; this limited reality of the facts, the apotheosized one, the Goddess of my life, on which I have abusively bestowed the right to unsolicitedly criticize and measure me, judge and convict me, so, this one is not like I wish it were, at least not yet; I know it, and this hurts a lot, whenever my mind is fixed to it.

“Let’s not keep myself attached to those things I wish they had already applied within the manifested world; let’s leave some free space inside myself for the ideas to flow and let’s accomplish them without any needless nagging. I needn’t ruminate and regurgitate the same thoughts many times before I decide to move and do what I have thought”, says the mind. And then, a vision is born in him, with the image of himself as a duct-shaped container which has a big hole in its bottom and constantly receives new thoughts in liquid form coming from above and treats them only for a few seconds, before they are poured through the hole into my body, in order to vanish into the Earth, if they have been deemed useless, or to be earthed by means of particular acts, movements of the body, if they have been deemed useful by the mind.

This idea gives great joy to my mind, since it shows him the alternative to no longer footslog with pestering fussy thoughts and grumble. “The head is a container with a big hole in its bottom”, repeats the mind and instructs me to stand up from my computer chair and walk into the day with cheer and zest for life, ready to receive benevolently and with no resistance all thoughts the universe has in store for me today, with a new flavor of freedom slightly different from the previous one sounding inside me.

I am glad for the prospect of the tentative application of this new idea of my mind within the world today and, therefore, stand up obeying his instruction eagerly and unforcingly. I will perform the same immediate obedience to all his instructions the whole day today, trusting his fast judgment and his decisions as to whether each incoming thought is to be abandoned or immediately accomplished; and this I will do with no needless headache due to questioning.

While I stand up, the mind reminds me: “Do not forget your morning ten-minute relaxation exercise; this we do not sacrifice ever and for any reason, in order to have a good day!” I obey him again eagerly and unforcingly and go to sit in the armchair which is dedicated to my ten-minute morning relaxation. I am going in a friendly mood, amicably and unforcingly, with no thoughts, with an unprecedentedly peace-ful instantaneousness. I surrender myself to relaxation in a plain and natural way, with no compulsion and devoid of any feeling of duty towards myself, because this feeling of duty can provenly make even the greatest joys of life appear to be drudgery. I proceed without any ideas about right and wrong, totally filled up by the sole feeling that I let myself be poured into life and flow like water in the world.

And, thus, I sense my heart while it is sweetly pulsing with relief.

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