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Β28.  The mind chooses to bring joy into himself.

Nevertheless, the mind feels the need to fill up the void with something more concrete. He wonders why not be able to bring joy into himself, as simple as that, in order to have a good time. It seems simple to him. He wants to give it a try.

He has met the experience of joy in the past, with the occasion of various pleasant events. He only needs to recall one of those events, remember how he had felt then and consciously reproduce that same feeling of joy in himself, to wit to let himself be flooded by the same joy which he had felt then, as if that fortunate event happened now.

Consequently, it does not matter that no fortunate outer event happens to be afoot right now, because now exists the will of the mind to be joyful and this is enough. Like so, joy will become a regulated conscious choice and will no more be an uncontrollable result of some strokes of luck. This means that he will be capable to reproduce it whenever he wants, so as to fill up with happiness the void which the lost anchors left behind, whenever he feels that he cannot bear this void.

So, he recalls some of his past personal undergoings of joy, watches the bodily and emotional symptoms which accompanied them and guides me to relive them. Under the guidance of the mind I close the eyes and inhale slowly and deeply, keeping the nostrils as open as possible. I feel the air slightly burning my whole respiratory tract and charging my lungs with life. Abundant oxygen permeates the cells of my brain, which I can then sense reviving, as if they were slightly electrified. The joy of life pervades the entire brain up to its back and down end, where I often feel that special sweetness of the without-any-worldly-reason bliss.

I bring all unpleasant thoughts and remembrances into this blissful brain. Thanks to his bliss he now understands, sympathizes with and forgives everybody with summary procedures and with no inner resistance. The unhappiness continues to exist, but it is now flown through by the stream of love.

Now I also bring my happy moments into my blissful brain and discern the fear of loss hidden in my then joy. I realize that those moments of joy of the past were but poor intervals between the sorrows. The way in which I expressed my joy revealed my misery; my laugh was artificial, for it aspired to conceal from the others and from my very self my tragic certainty about the imminent end of the short period of joy which was going to return me to the familiar oceans of grief.

In contrast, the current bliss of deep breathing encloses serenity. The old anxiety for the probable loss of joy may, of course, continue to exist, yet it is also permeated by the sweet nectar of love for my self.

The mind now holds within himself all grief of the entire world and allows it to coexist with his deep bliss, because the energy background of the brain has now totally changed. The joy which my mind now renders me is steadfast; a permanent vague smile takes form in my lips spontaneously, my cheekbones rise slightly by themselves, my face has become florid and my eyes are now lively.

This kind of complete joy which I am now experiencing assimilates all kinds of anxieties which used to make my mind totter in the past. In contrast, the anxieties are now incompetent to deprive me from the joy I feel, exactly because they have become its part, since they have been assimilated by it. Hence, no more harrowing repeated associations are triggered every time that a soft spot of my ego is touched. The spots have not ceased to be soft, but the ego has now available and at immediate access an alternative solution which is much better than to participate in the vain race of the panic-stricken mind towards all direction, because the ego has now found the one and only appropriate direction, the one of inner joy and completeness through the relinquishment of the dependence from all worldly issues.

The oxygen which is inhaled through the wide-open nostrils is absorbed by the lung cells and conveyed by the blood to all cells of my body, in order to permeate and nourish them. Trillions of my cells are fed every single moment by the air[1] I inhale, which continuously provides them with the radiation it has collected from our sun and from all stars of the universe. As a result, in every single moment of my life, photons of trillions of stars from all over the universe permeate my trillions of cells! In other words, the mind, while consciously bringing joy into me, observes the entire universe closely, while it copulates with all cells of my body! In the face of this magnificence, which is available to the mind in every single moment, all conventional worldly sorrows, pleasures and anxieties lose, of course, any value they allegedly used to possess.

As soon as the stressful doubt “shall I be capable to always remember this magnificence or shall I be overpowered by hassles?” is germinated in the mind, he immediately receives the answer that it has no sense to worry about future, because the future simply does not exist. The future is a mere delusion of the mind, for it is but the succession and the summation of the infinite nows which succeed the current now. Hence, since he is now happy by bringing joy into himself, he will certainly desire to do the same at the now of the immediately next moment and the moment after the next one and so on.

And at every now that he will forget to do the same resulting in a temporary sadness, he will again have the opportunity at the immediately next now to breathe in deeply and consciously savor the copulation with the universe within my entire body. Hence, it matters not if he forgets it now and then; what is important is that he will never be deprived of the opportunity to retract and instantly exploit the possibility to consciously bring the joy of universal copulation into himself. [2]

[1] The word “air” (in Greek “αήρ”) might possibly originate from the words “αεί ρέει” (in English “always flows”), since it is ceaselessly altered due to its movement, the radiation it receives from the universe, the inhalation and exhalation of all animate beings, the oxidation of matters, the mixing with other gaseous, liquid and solid bodies as well as in countless other ways.

[2] Subsequent objection:
Ultimately, it proved to be even simpler for me to be joyful. Not even thinking is necessary. Like small children, who live, hence they are joyful. Every single moment, every single breath, is for them a feast that reminds them of joy. I wake up from my sleep in the morning and rejoice spontaneously and thoughtlessly. I stand up, move, do whatever I do and am joyful, because… Why do I rejoice? Because nothing. I simply rejoice. Let me leave the why behind; not everything in life needs a justification! “Why” implies mind, and my own mind is full with sorrow, so I should rather leave him aside, lest he contami-nates my joy. So, I simply rejoice because I rejoice, that’s all.
Objection sustained.

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