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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Β3. I have much and lovely work to do.

The mind cultivates in himself the idea that the new project which I am about to commence will fill my hours in a lovely way. To wit, he cocoons inside the intimacy of his new occupation. I sit at rest in front of the computer and create atmosphere with a candle, soft music and beautiful lighting. I anticipate the abundant hours I shall spend introspecting the intimate space of myself and relish a priori the contentment which I shall receive, not only during the journey but also at its end[1], when I shall look back and realize that, where I passed from, a whole bright state has been built, the State of my Freedom.

[1] Actually, the mind has a feeling that the journey of self-realization and liberation which he has started will have no end, since knowledge and freedom cannot have any limits by nature. There is always a broader area of knowledge than already obtained, for the universe is infinite and our inner world, too. Besides, it is obvious that there is also always a broader area of freedom than already obtained, because freedom with limits would be no freedom at all. As a result, by referring above to the “end” of the journey, I obviously meant that particular moment when I shall realize that I have been freed from all boundaries of my mind which have been oppressing me in my life, without taking into consideration other boundaries which, due to not causing me earthly pain, have not bothered me up to now.

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