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The State of Freedom
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with the destination of inner Freedom.

C14. The body was also benefited.

Another observation, which the mind makes right now, is the comparison of the condition of each of my body parts before and during the currently proceeding third unit of steps. Increased muscular tension or contractions, as well as several small health problems at various parts of the body have nearly vanished, since the mind learned to penetrate smoothly into the world of his brothers more and more often and work there for their mutual benefit while playing with them.

Somatized unpleasant situations of many years have noiselessly subsided without fanfare of trumpets and with no need of special healing treatment. This is an astonishing realization, which nonetheless does not impress the mind at all, because it seems to him that this improvement of the health of his body was expected. For him, it is obvious that love and good health come together.

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