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The State of Freedom
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with the destination of inner Freedom.

C3. The heart forgives the mind for his indifference.

Similarly, he will have to wants to also learn to redeem in the Warm and Well-lit Sanatorium of his Heart the self-blame for the countless times that he remains unmoved by the screaming neediness of some of his brothers. There he brings now his Indifference who led to the recent passing away of the two goldfishes. Together with the Indifference he also brings into the Warm and Well-lit Sanatorium of the Heart the Anger he felt for her. He also brings his Desperation which was caused by the thought that he is never going to stop being indifferent about the pain of his brothers.

These three facets of my mind, the Indifference, the Anger and the Desperation, are now quietly sitting in the waiting room. The tireless nurse, Compassion, comes again and tenderly takes them to a well-lit room. I am watching their therapy.

Indifference receives the Heart’s remission with relief. The Heart informs her that she just received a message from the otherworld saying that also the souls of the two goldfishes forgave her, as they understood the distress and confusion of my mind which lead him to the indifference for the other creatures of the world. Indifference is moved by the magna­nimity of the two little fishes and is deeply relieved.

Anger listens to all this and also forgives Indifference, and so he simmers down and cools off. Furthermore, the Heart grants her forgiveness also to him, because she understands that behind his toughness is hidden the old anxiety for the joy of life: Anger had burned up with Indifference, because he realized that because of her conduct I would never be able to enjoy active participation in life and that every now and then I would be feeling like wrapped in a suffocating net, bound up by the embarrassing and carnivorous feeling of qualms for the damage I would be causing to some of my brothers due to Indifference.

Desperation, however, has not yet been convinced that a better future is about to come. Compassion comes now close to her and says to her with a warm and heartfelt voice full of confidence: “Do not[1] There is no reason for you to despair, do not it is a pity to grieve wrongfully. Only think that the mind is doing the best he can in every single moment. Even if he finally does not make it to overcome his personal problems and devote himself with keen interest to the needs of his brothers, the Warm and Well-lit Sanatorium of the Heart will always be available for him to offer him the haven of tender understanding and forgiveness, which – I can assure you – are very good substitutes of the supreme joy that only active love and care for the aching brothers can grant him”.

By these words of Compassion, Indifference now calms down, as she looks upon the future with more optimism, since she understood that in every case there will be a source of profound joy and redemption available and accessible to the mind, even if he does not finally manage to attain the state of unfailing vigilance for the sake of compassion and care for all his brothers.

Desperation had fanatically fixed upon one idea. She thought that there is only one path to bliss. This is what always happens to her. During the time when I was terribly scared of my financial future, she underwent the same mistake: she thought that I could be happy only with the financial assurance, whereas in practice it was later proved that there are also many other sources of profound happiness and spiritual peace available. My mind has already got to know some of them. Some examples are the Oasis of Confession, the presence of several enlightened brothers-teachers in my life, the Warm and Well-lit Sanatorium of the Heart, giving joy to brothers who need it and many others which my mind met or is going to meet during this journey of self-awareness he has started since a few months ago.

Indifference, Anger and Desperation are now quietly seated inside the room of the Warm and Well-lit Sanatorium of the Heart taking delight in the warmth of her beats. The storm is now over, and the mind can anew engage in the continuation of the erection works of the State of Freedom.

[1] The same remark applies here again.

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