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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

C5. I listen to His proposals eagerly.

After these conclusions, the mind trusts his Saint totally and is now completely open to listen to Him. The Saint does not need to talk to him with a real and physically audible voice; it is sufficient for the mind to contemplate on how the Saint would respond to the various circumstances of his own everyday life. If he learns to do so, it is probable that after some time he will start hearing His voice sounding at the center of his brain and giving him concrete guidance.

But for the time being he is content with regarding as a proposal from the Saint every single answer he gives to himself whenever he poses the question “what would the Saint do if He were in my place?” No sooner has he posed this question to himself than he is automatically and effortlessly mentally conveyed to the blissful atmosphere of the Saint’s life, and so every answer he gets can only be filtered, clear and free from the usual anguishes of the mind and, hence, trustworthy.

The mind now ponders that the Greek word “hagios” (Άγιος), which means “holy, saint”, might derive from the word “hago” (άγω), which means “to drive, lead, guide, mentor, advise, direct, show the way”. On the other hand, the word “holy” sounds similar to the words “whole”, “health” and “hole”, while the word “saint” is akin to the Latin word “sanitas”, which, according to information which the mind received from the internet, means “health, wholeness” and, by extension “cure, heal, take care of, sound in mind and body, good sense, sanity and discretion”.

Combining his aforementioned reasoning with the information he found on the internet, the mind deduces that the Saint is the one who silently and merely by the luminous and hearty example of his own life mentors and guides others to inner freedom, that is to say to the unification with their spiritual nature which eternally dwells in them. In other words, the Saint shows us how to attain wholeness and good health by imitating him and acting like he does as an open hole, to wit as an unobstructed duct at the service of the caring and curing, discreet and discerning divine energy, thus allowing it to flow towards all people and maintain them sane and sound in mind and body. As a result, concludes the mind, by listening and embracing the Saint’s proposals, he manifests and activates the true meaning of the word “Saint”.

This last syllogism delights him particularly, as it confirms the aptness of the method he contrived, which fact makes him feel more secure as well as sure for the benefits he will reap from his newly devised method of mentally identifying himself with the Saint.

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