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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

The experience some readers made
while reading this book.

Some of my closest brothers and sisters who read the first edition of my State of Freedom felt the urge to share with me their experience of reading the book by writing a brief text to me.

The texts they gave me touched me deeply. I was very glad to realize that the book I gave them influenced these beloved persons so much and helped them take one step further on their inner course. The feeling of redemption that my writings managed to cause them gave also to me deep rejoicing and equipped me with the certainty that it is worth to continue my writing activity.

Moreover, I confess the pride I felt for my achievement to touch and influence these people and my satisfaction for their praises, which rekindled my aspiration to become a world renowned writer who will help millions of people, and everybody will admire and respect him.

But let’s put aside again the now familiar raving of my mind and let’s thank from the bottom of my heart my brothers who either read or are going to read my book, which constitutes a deposition of my soul, aiming at mine and the reader’s libera­tion from our minds’ bondages.

I feel grateful for the people who trust me and accept to read my book. Besides, I feel deep joy for the brotherly companion­ate course of love and mutual care that we start together thanks to the very fact of their acceptance.

New commentary texts of readers are always welcome for publishing in the next editions of the book, either named or anonymously.

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In the menu at the left you can find the texts of the readers. Nearly all of these texts were initially written in Greek.

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