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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Despina Tritopoulou talks about the State of Freedom
of Themistocles Lykiardopoulos

Δέσποινα ΤριτοπούλουIt is my special joy to say two words about this book, which deals with the paramount and most valuable good for human­ity; liberation from the contrived, forced and ingrained in our DNA and our institutions fake image of the Self. He knocks the primeval Truths off the pedestal of the unreachable and man­ages to convey and apply them in our everyday life by using simple practices. He manages to make them possession of every earnest and persistent seeker. And he does this in a very simple way. He redeems the inferior ego through investi­gation, recognition, admission, confession and understanding.

What particularly impressed me personally in the State of Freedom is the “public confession”, the public revelation of the inferior ego with no trace of inhibition or guilt feeling, the demystification of the fear about how people will think about us and what opinion they will form. And immediately thereafter follows redemption, atonement, hope, Fearlessness, Freedom, Truth, Enlightenment.

A common friend of me and the author, who is bedridden and disabled and to whom this book has been read out thrice on her request (she cannot read it alone) asked me to say on her behalf the following words of gratitude:


She told me that the book helped her to overcome the guilt for her disability and taught her to love and accept herself and not feel disadvantaged whenever she needs to ask for something due to her disability. She mentioned that this book opened new horizons for her. Namely, she said: “I begged for a rose and a bunch of flowers was offered to me. Regardless how many times this book has been read out to me, it is always as if I hear it for the first time”.

I will also say “THEMISTOCLES, I THANK YOU”, for being what you are, and this is what your book reflects.

Despina Tritopoulou
economist, investigator of Truth

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