Short presentation of the products of WINWET series
and the solutions they offer

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* Betostal SLN, penetrating waterproofing for concrete: Water insulating resin, protects horizontal concrete surfaces (terraces, flooring etc.) against moisture and mechanical damages. It achieves also partial heat insulation against cold, because it preserves the roof dry and eliminates cooling due to evaporation. It is also used as admixture in construction.
* Betostal 2/14, the cohesive and strengthening resin: Water insulating resin of increased resistance to mechanical stresses, which is used to protect the concrete floors against grinding, because it is harder and less elastic than the resin Betostal SLN.
* Betostal F/18, the penetrating waterproof primer: Water insulating resin, particularly micromolar, suitable for waterproofing against mechanical damage on vertical concrete or plaster surfaces and ideal water based primer for perfect bonding of the paint. In combination with Smaltofix it gives a definitive solution to the problem of rising damp in floors and walls on ground level and basements.

* Contraqua 7/50, the versatile surface protection: Hydrophobic and oleophobic resin with a very good UV protection factor for water insulation and avoidance of scratches, peeling, soiling and fading on painted walls, tiles etc. vertical and inclined surfaces. It prevents the freezing of plasters and paint. As it is applied diluted, it doesn’t create rind and therefore it doesn’t flake. It achieves partial heat insulation against cold, because it preserves the walls dry and thus it eliminates freezing because of evaporation.
* Betocryl, the resin resistant in water: Water insulating resin resistant to continuous contact with water or wet soil. Insoluble it forms a thick film which is highly resistant to contact with acids and other chemicals. Ideal for finishing to sealing of plant stands.
* Cerosil, acrylic water soluble resin with a special wax mixture, which provides the surfaces waterproof and hydrophobicity. It is ideal for dark colored surfaces, because it doesn’t cause any aesthetic alteration. It resists to solar radiation and remains unchanged for many years.
* Stainblocker, oleophobic and hydrophobic material: It is indicated for all kind of surfaces. It doesn’t cause any discoloration of the surface, nor gives any sheen. The substances that will fall on the surface are easily removed with a damp cloth. It also achieves the complete waterproofing of surfaces on which it is applied, giving them perfect hydrophobicity. With Stainblocker you can rest assured that your walls won’t fill up graffiti, that your balconies won’t be damaged by droppings and that after the barbeque you will not leave behind a terrace with indelible stains on the floor.
** Aquablock, hydrophobic acrylic resin: please see below, in category 5.

* Betoplex, elastic admixture that saves the structures: Elastic water insulating resin for waterproofing of foundations, tanks, septic tanks, pools, plant stands etc. with cement mortar (in combination with Betocryl). It produces elastic and waterproof cement mortar, screed and repair cement that do not crack while drying. By spraying is ensured smooth drying of the fresh plaque without braking. Ideal admixture for tiles adhesive or mortar.
* Polibond Elastico, acrylic resin of high elasticity specifically designed for the manufacture of “hydraulic cement adhesive”. It is the ideal solution for filling of cracks which have been caused by ground or floor sinking.
* Betostal SLN, admixture for waterproofing & resistance enhancing: Ideal admixture of walls mud, for greater adhesion and mechanical resistance. In conjunction with Betoplex it is an ideal admixture for the construction of waterproof walls and bottom of a pool, a tank, a plant stand, a septic tank, ground supporting walls etc. It is also used as penetrating waterproof.
* Sovaplex DS, admixture for elastic & waterproof plaster: Admixture resin, instead of whitewash, for elastic and waterproof plaster without white spots and radioactive substances, with high adhesiveness on vertical surfaces and ceilings and with excellent workability, which “fastens” perfectly with the masonry and does not crack.
* Duraplex, the waterproof admixture for heavy construction: admixture resin of high resistance, for the construction of waterproof and resistant to mechanical stress structural components of concrete, cement bricks, blocks, electrification poles, ports blocks and other concrete objects which require high resistance and they don’t need elasticity.
* Acryplex, Innovative liquid admixture of acrylic base designed for plastic water paints, to which it provides better adhesion ability to smooth surfaces, like glass, metal, plastic etc. The same material also is used as admixture to cement mortar, repair cement, tiles adhesive, joint mortar and other applications, like Βetoplex, for even greater elasticity.

* Armofix, cracks & joints filling and sealing: Innovative viscous waterproof resin for filling dilation joints, cracks and other dents where is required waterproofing along with perfect adhesion, elasticity, walkability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. It is used pure or mixed with cement, when the application requires higher resistance to contraction-dilation, mechanical damages etc.
** Smaltofix, the waterproof white of the White House: white or colored resin material that seals negative pressures in basements with one single coating with a roll over the wet wall of the basement. In conjunction with Betocryl seals foundations, tanks, pools, plant stands etc. without cement mortar. It also consists a perfect vapor barrier (instead of pitch, that doesn’t stand for many years) for protecting the heat insulation of the terrace against polyurethane. It also provides reflective heat insulation against warmth. It achieves partial heat insulation against cold, because it preserves the terraces and the walls dry and thus eliminates freezing due to evaporation.
** Smaltolack, high resistant material, that contains the volcanic mineral “obsidian” and a special combination of acrylic resins, which thanks to its elasticity and hardness ensures floors’ resistance to loads, shocks, frictions, expansions-contractions, in much higher degree than epoxy floors, with the additional advantages of the very slow aging, the very low cost and the simple application, as it is of one and not two components.
Note: For walls’ and other surfaces’ sealing please see also POLYUREA 91PU250, as well as FPU 51PC101.
** Betostal SLV, joints, marble, stone waterproofing: Water insulating resin for tiles joint, stone, marbles, mosaic, pebbles etc. It prevents freezing. It enlivens lightly the colors, without giving them an unaesthetic shine. It doesn’t create rind, and therefore it doesn’t flake.
** Brilux, the distinctive varnish for stony surfaces: Subtle varnish unchanged in time for Karystian plaques, marbles, tiles, pebbles, masonry, visible concrete, coloured plaster etc. It has excellent adhesion, enlivens colors without changing their shade, it is not damaged by the ultraviolet radiation and it does not flake.
** Aquablock, hydrophobic acrylic resin, that waterproofs joints, marbles, stone, mosaic etc., like also Betostal SLV, with the additional property of hydrophobicity, that means that the water doesn’t stand at all on the surface leaving as mercury. Also suitable for the protection of metal surfaces against oxidation. It has non-stick properties. It is even used for the protection of painted surfaces instead of Contraqua 7/50, as the best solution, because it is completely transparent and doesn’t leave “waters”.

** Contraqua WS, the versatile protection of wood: Silicon product for waterproofing wooden structures (varnished or non-varnished) and their easy cleaning from dust, soil, salt, oil etc. It protects the varnish against the ultraviolet radiation. It is the only from WINWET products that needs repetition every 2 years. It does not create rind and therefore it doesn’t flake.
** Hydrophobe, waterproof for fabric and leather: Waterproofing for fabric and leather products like clothes, shoes, handbags, lounges, covers, carpets etc.

* Ektovil Χ-250, flameproof wood varnish: Flameproof water varnish for the protection of wooden houses, furniture, doors, frames etc. from fire.
* Ektovil Verde, sprayable flameproof for plants: For spraying in rural and forest areas for the protection of trees, bushes, crops, dry grass and other plants from the fire. It also serves as an excellent eco-extinguishing material, and is a very good fertilizer for plants. (This material, because it is not applicable to construction, is under the section Fire protection – Firefighting.)

* Fungostop, ecological water fungicide: Encounters mold and algae on walls, terraces, ceilings, wood, joints etc.
* Jet Clean, ecological penetrating cleaner: Penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete and other porous surfaces and cleans them deeply

* Coverlack 935, ecological plastic paint: High quality waterproof acrylic white plastic paint both indoor and outdoor with row materials from Italy, with great coverage, non stick for the dust, without solvents and other carcinogens, without annoying smell, resistant to solar radiation, resistant to soap, with fungicide against mold, easily painted without consuming much paint, even in dark shades, lifetime outdoors for at least 8 years.

* Ferofix, anticorrosive primer for rusted irons, reacting with rust and converts it to a metal compound, thus preparing the surface for painting.
* Feracryl, ecological transparent water-soluble metal primer with anti-corrosive properties.
* Rustblocker, ecological water soluble metal paint with anti-corrosive properties. Reacts chemically with iron and blocks the already existing rust, while preventing the creation of new.

(You will find them under the section Heat Insulation with other reflective paints and other heat insulation solutions)
* Aerozyl, innovative nanotechnology paint, that simultaneously provides 5 functions: relief paint, sealing, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire protection. It is applied to terraces and exterior walls.
* Antitherm, white, smooth nanotechnology paint, with anti-thermal properties, certified by Democritus. It is applied to interior walls to save energy in winter and to exterior walls for cool in the house in summer. It is also applied to terraces.


* All these acrylic materials are water soluble, ecological, without carcinogenic and harmful to the respiratory system solvents.
** White Spirit contained in these acrylic resinous materials is environmentally and health friendly, when taken all needed precautions.

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