the waterproof acrylic admixture
for heavy construction

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1. Identification of the product
Category WINWET: 3. Repair & construction admixtures
Product description:

Self-polymerizing water insulating acrylic resin admixture, waterproof, inelastic, for the construction of concrete products which due to their use must have mechanical strength at high loads

Materials with which it is applied: Cement and other concrete construction admixtures
Safety data:

It contains no carcinogenic solvents, is water based. For more details, please read the Safety Data Sheet of the product.

2. Data on the operation of the product
Which problems are solved by the product and in which   ways:

To date there is no experience using resin admixtures of WINWET family buildings, bridges and other structures concrete skeleton. To make such an application, there should first be done by a certified laboratory a research that will show that the presence of resins will not create static problems. Until then the resins WINWET may be used as admixtures in applications such as precast concrete structural components, decorative concrete bricks, blocks, electrification columns, blocks for ports etc. concrete objects that require waterproofness and high mechanical strength, while because their way of use they do not need elasticity.
For this purpose is designed the “hard” waterproof resin admixture Duraplex, which is a variant of Betostal SLN, has the same high rate waterproofness as this, much greater resistance to mechanical stresses due to loading (necessary in the above applications) and lower strengths to mechanical stresses due to contractions and expansions, shocks and frictions, which are practically non-existent in the above applications.

Operating principle and way of action:

The resin, as polymerized (“laminated”) due to its contact with the air, creates because of its specific chemical composition a waterproof hard coherent mass that gives the concrete waterproofness and high mechanical resistance to loads.

  1. The metal reinforcement of the electricity poles does not corrode (for the protection against corrosion of the steel concrete reinforcement see also the page for STOPCOR).
  2. The prefabricated structural components do not absorb moisture that damages the plaster and consumes for its drying unnecessary heat from the heating system of the building in winter.
  3. The decorative concrete bricks, the blocks and port blocks do not absorb the moisture that is damaging them.
  4. The concrete items do not crack neither break due to overload.
Advantages over other methods:

There are no comparison data with other methods of waterproofing and increase of mechanical strength because of loads on objects made of concrete.
Smart Technical Solutions proposes alternatively Penetron Admix, internationally recognized and certified product which ensures 100% waterproof concrete and significant increase in mechanical strength, based on tests that have been certified by certification bodies.

Comparison with other materials of Winwet family:

Compared with other admixtures   of WINWET family (Betoplex and Sovaplex) it has less elasticity, higher resistance to loads and equally good waterproofness.
Exactly the same applies for the comparison with Betostal SLN in the applications it is used as an additive, as well as its comparison with Polibond Elastico.

Experiment control of the efficacy of the product: Text under construction.
Application fields:

This space will be filled shortly with links that will lead into a separate document for each different product application field.

3. Application of the product
Necessary equipment for the application: For the application of the resin you should have at your disposal:

  • what is indicated in the Winwet Application Equipment List
  • what is indicated in the text concerning the specific field of application of the product
Protection of adjacent surfaces:

Because when it is dried on marble, tiles, metals, etc. surfaces, it is hardly cleaned protect such surfaces with nylon or newspapers.
If it will drip, wipe the surface thoroughly immediately with a damp cloth or paper before starting polymerization of the resin.

Dilution: Without.
Lower polymerization temperature:

3οC. If the temperature falls below 3οC before the polymerization is complete, the water begins to freeze and the same happens to the special penetrators containing the resin, thus losing its coherence and waterproofness. Therefore, you should avoid the application of the resin when it is very cold.
When the resin is polymerized completely, the frost does not cause any damage to the resin.

Drying time:

Although the cement needs several days to dry thoroughly, the resin which is an admixture in it is fully waterproofed when polymerized, so it dries up.

Completion time of polymerization:

4 days or less. During the hot and dry days of summer the polymerization lasts 24 hours.

Paintability after the application:

The concrete structure may be coated immediately after the drying of the resin.

Paintability with paints admixture:

There is the possibility of the concrete structure to be tinted with paint additive. For more information click here.

Instructions for use:

Click here to see in PDF format the label with the instructions for use which is affixed on the product.

4. Resistances of the applied product
Resistance to expansions and contractions, vibrations and earthquakes:

Moderate. This property is not important for the kind of applications where the product is used.

Resistance to shocks and frictions:

Moderate. This property is not important for the kind of applications where the product is used.

Behavior in acid and alkaline environment:

The polymerized resin is not attacked by the alkaline environment which create for example the aggregates nor by the acid environment caused by weather conditions, plant roots etc.

Resistance to temperature   changes:

Thanks to its even moderate elasticity the polymerized resin withstands sudden temperature changes.

Resistance to extreme temperatures:

Excellent, even at high heat and freezing cold conditions as those that occur only in certain areas of Northern Greece as far as Greece is concerned.

Resistance to solar ultraviolet radiation: Very good.
Resistance to constant contact with water or moist soil or other form of moisture:

Very good: After its polymerization the resin does not dissolve in water and is not emulsified, even if it remains in continuous contact with water or humidity for several months.

Resistance to gauge pressure:

High. This property can be useful only in applications that may be exercised such pressures by waters, such as to the port blocks, where the consistency of the mass and thus the strength of the waves momentum depends on the soundness of the resin admixture and therefore it is important that this will not be damage because of the large manometric pressures onto the blocks.


Unlimited. The polymerized resin does not lose its properties over time, firstly because the material does not age (is not dried nor decomposed) and secondly because the mass is completely protected from the sun, the weather conditions and the mechanical damages.

5. Natural properties of the product
Product form before its application: Milky thin liquid.
Product form after its application and   polymerization: Single transparent, colorless, waterproof cohesive hard mass diffused into the concrete
Elasticity: Moderate. This property is not important for the kind of applications where the product is used.
Adhesiveness: Good
Air permeability and vapor permeability: Yes, it allows transpiration, because the polymerized resin has such a molecular structure that does not allow the passage of water but allows the passage of air and water vapor between its molecules. This ensures the following key benefits (which obviously refer only to the case of prefabricated structural elements and no other concrete objects):
1. The building is well ventilated and living in it is healthy and pleasant, because there is no smell (“musty”) or oxygen deficiency causing headaches, sleepiness, decreased performance, etc.
2. The tendency to form vapor condensation (droplets) and mold on the ceilings and walls is not deteriorated.
3. Thanks to adequate ventilation is avoided the gradual carbonization and weakening of the concrete that can occur when there is an increased concentration of CO2 in the building because of poor ventilation.
Solubility in water: The resin is dissolved in water, but this is unnecessary, may be added to the mixture unchanged.
Waterproofness: Very good. To ensure the absolute waterproofness of the concrete object, it must, after drying, be coated with a roller, a brush or spraying with penetrating waterproof resin Betostal F/18 or Betostal 2/14, no matter if it will be painted or not.
Hydrophocity and oleophobicity: No. In order to be achieved hydrophobic and oleophobic surface of the plaster (painted or not-painted) or the marble mortar further of simple waterproofness, which is ensured by Betostal, it is required a coating with Contraqua 7/50 with a brush, roller or spraying, which may be applied directly on the object, without prior priming with Betostal, because Duraplex admixture generates by its own very good conditions for the adhesion of Contraqua 7/50.
6. Satisfied customers
Customer List: A list of satisfied customers with phone numbers and names of responsible persons, who are willing to convey you their positive experience with the product
Applications descriptions: Descriptions of product applicationsat our customer sites, consisting of the following sections:

  1. detailed description of the problem or problems that the customer faced
  2. description of the solution or solutions we applied
  3. ways in which the customer found out that the application was successful
Recommendation letters Recommendation letters of satisfied customers who by means of the product finally solved some problems for which they until then had not found any solution
Frequently asked questions and customer objections: Please click here  to find answers on any questions, doubts and objections that are often raised by potential buyers of the product, together the valid responses received on various issues, the most important of which are:

  • ­the working principle of the product
  • ­its reliability and efficiency
  • ­its lifetime
  • ­health and safety during its use
  • application method
  • ­special circumstances which render doubtful the success of the application
  • ­after sales service
7. Market information
Packaging, price,
For packaging, pricing and coverage, please click here.
Guarantee: For information regarding the guarantee of WINWET products, please click here.
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