Electrolytic Corrosion

Do you by any chance confront problems such as…

… often leakages in water heaters, pipes, water boilers, solar systems,
radiators, valves, pumps, water circulators, metallic tanks etc.
… rust in the warm freshwater, especially when the taps have
remained closed for a long time
… too often need for deaeration of the radiators
… dark water inside the central heating system
… oxidized underground tanks and pipes
… corrosion in seawater piping networks
… corrosion of desalinated or distilled water piping networks
…  leakages in the steam generator and the steam piping network
… increased iron concentration value in the steam or in the water
… tiny holes («pitting») at points of metal welding,
especially in inox constructions
… corrosion in metallic parts of boats and ships
… rusty railings, aluminum door and window frames etc.
… oxidation and corrosion in cartloads, motors, water jackets
… caps and other parts of trucks and private passenger cars
… corrosion of metallic constructions and machinery, such as:
– metallic towers, electricity pylons etc.,
– metallic staircases, shelves, stages, platforms etc.,
– procuction machines in industries,
– cranes, crane bridges, road construction machinery
… oxidation of the metallic (steel) reinforcement of concrete and broken concrete
and plalster in support columns, beams and concrete pads
… magnesium anodes immersed in water in freshwater in boilers or pipes,
which every now and then need to be removed and replaced and/or
fill the whole system with debris of magnesium oxide particles

For the eradication of all the above mentioned problems, Smart Technical Solutions suggests the STOPCOR technology, which has been developed in Greece by a scientist who has been specialized in . For a detailed presentation see the menu at the left.

To see other methods for the prevention of electrolytic corrosion, click on the Greek flag above to see the respective pages in Greek. For information about those methods in English, please contact us.

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