STOPCOR cathodic protection device, central photo


Cathodic protection device
for corrosion and oxidation protection
of water systems and other metallic constructions

with external application, not immersed in the water
like the conventional anodes of the market

It protects against both electrochemical corrosion and chemical oxidation.

It is necessary at all water systems as well as all kinds
of metal constructions with no exception. Some examples:

  • Whenever two or more different metals participate in the system (for example iron and copper).
  • Systems in which hot or desalinated water circulates.
  • Ducts for steam and piping systems for steam condensates.
  • When the water contains many metallic elements and has a high conductivity value.
  • Metal constructions which happen to be in a strong “electrolytic cell” (which can be caused by an adjacent power station or the undersoil composition or other external and unpredictable factors.
  • Underground piping systems for water or other fluids .
  • Heating and cooling systems, heat exchangers and tanks.
  • Metal constructions (for example machines, banisters, railings, electricity transfer pylons, doors, windows) exposed to air with humidity and/or salt.
  • Trucks and other vehicles, in order to protect against corrosion the cooling system of the machine and other sensitive parts.
  • Boats and ships (apart from the STOPCOR devices there are also anodes for ships available).
  • Concrete armature, in order to prevent expansion of its size due to oxidation, which results in breaking the concrete.
  • Metallic buildings, bridges, stadiums and other large metal constructions.


  1. STOPCOR cathodic protection device, installation on copper pipeThe STOPCOR device has two connection points (poles): the one is connected on the metal construction to be protected and the other one is connected to the earth.
  2. Selection of the installation point: We choose one central point of the system. This is enough for the device to be efficient on the whole system. When water is transferred through the pipes, then the protection effect of the device is transferred through it to the whole system, regardless if some parts of the system are not metallic, thanks to the conductivity of the water.
  3. We install the device near the connection point, so that the connection cable length will be suffice.
  4. In case that the metal is painted, we remove the paint in order to ensure a good connection.
  5. If we connect the device on a pipe, then we place round the pipe a collar, in order to ensure an even better connection. The cable is then connected on the collar.
  6. Then we connect one monopole cable to the second pole of the device.
  7. For the earthing of the device we use the provided metal support part on the ground. It is recommended that it is installed somewhere on the ground where no water is expected to come, otherwise it could be corroded.

After the installation it is easy to check that the device indeed protects the installation against corrosion, by means of using a simple voltage meter and making sure that the measured voltage between the installation and the earthing point has a negative value.

The device is expected to last for at least 3 years. Every 6 months it is recommended to make the same measurement. When the value of the measured voltage drops under -1 Volt, this means that the device should be replaced soon, because it cannot protect the installation efficiently any more.

This technology is a reliable inexpensive alternative instead of other complex and expensive technologies, such as ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) and buried anodes lengthwise of an underground pipeline or at several points round an underground metallic tank. The STOPCOR technology has no disadvantages, yet it is much simpler and cheaper than the aforementioned extensively applied conventional methods.

Prices and other commercial information
Export price lists and other commercial information such as payment terms, delivery time etc. are available upon request.
The same applies also for sales within Greece.

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