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Αnticorrosive method
of cathodic protection
with “liquid zinc”

for closed heating – cooling circuits

It also protects from electrochemical corrosion (electrolysis).

It is necessary to every single installation of small and medium size.
For larger installations the cathodic protection device STOPCOR is recommended.


In a proportion of 30% by weight it contains zinc in a chlorine form, which circulates simultaneously with the cooling or heating liquid, offering sacrificial mass directly to the differences of the galvanic element formed within the installations because of the coexistence of different metals with different potentials inside them. In this way we achieve the elimination of electrolytic phenomena, which create the electrochemical wear in the interior of the installations.


  • Central heating
  • Closed type cooling installations (not cooling towers with bleed-off valves)
  • Closed circuit solar collectors
  • Cooling circuits in internal combustion engines (refrigerators of trucks, cars etc.)
  • Generally, in any closed loop recirculating water or other liquid


  • In liquid closed circuits the minimum proportion required is 2 – 2.5% of the liquid content (e.g. water) and      lasts for 2 years.
  • For internal combustion engines of any kind the quantity required is 2,5 gr per horsepower. The protection      period is 1 year.
  • Adding a larger quantity is of  no hurt, instead it extends the protection period.
  • In case of combined application with cathodic protection devices STOPCOR, the life of both the devices      and the liquid increases.


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