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Intra-School Workshops and Coversation with Adolescents

Author offers some his time for free for the support of adolescent pupils

This letter is addressed to schools and parents’ associations.

I am a writer and would be interested to dedicate at least two hours per week to the psychological support of adolescents.

When I was an adolescent, I used to have problems, which I resolved through a difficult but exciting journey of self-awareness that I have recorded in detail in my book “The State of Freedom“. Liberated from those problems to a great extent, I consequently wrote the Book of Dreams, where I presented many of my dreams for a blissful life for myself and for all humanity.

I want to convey this experience of mine to adolescents who have the same anxieties and problems that I used to have when I was at their age. I want to listen to their problems and give aswers to the questions they will ask me, in order to enable them to set solid foundations for the rest of their lives.

If you find my proposal interesting for you, please contact me.

Themistocles Lykiardopoulos
writer and publisher

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