Collaboration with Healers of all Kinds

Mathiteia Publicationx mainly publish psychological and societal books, with messages that promote the love for Truth and the healthy relationship with ourselves and the world. These books help the readers to widen their minds and become free from habits, convictions and prejudices that force them to problematic behaviors and harm themselves as well as others.

More information about the benefits a reader of these books can reap, are to find in the page The Vision of Mathiteia Publications.

We suggest to healers of all kinds (psychologists, analysts, psychiatrists, homeopaths, counselors, alternative healers etc.) to read our books and propose them to their patients. We are certain that their patients will be greatly benefited and will be grateful to their healers for this valuable contribution.

Besides, our books can also be placed in the waiting room of the healing centers, together with the magazines that usually are in every waiting room. Wherever this method of approach was applied, it was found that most of the visitors preferred to read our books instead of the magazines. Many of them called us and ordered the books, because they obviously found in them some answers to significant issues that distressed them.

We are open to examine together further forms of a closer collaboration with healers of all specialities. For this purpose, you may contact us.

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