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Proposal for Collaboration with Companies & Organisations

To the attention of the following Departments:
Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility, Education and Training,
as well as Managing Director, Managing Council and whomever it may also concern

Dear Sirs or Madams,

Please find below my proposal comprising the following forms of collaboration, which can be activated either singly or combined to each other:

    • With the books I propose you can help the recipients of your presents to view life from a different aspect, and they will be grateful to you for this.
    • By having your logo printed on the book covers as “publication sponsor”, you boost the image of a societally sensitive organization that is prepared to sponsor and promote all significant initiatives.
    • You may click here to view our books. You can choose the titles you prefer.
    • A Good Book is the Best Present: In this page you can read some more thoughts regarding this idea.
    • Price per copy for companies and organizations: 10€ + VAT.
    • Minimun quantity: 50 books per title.
    • For big quantities there will be a better price per copy.
    • To place your order, please contact us.
    • For orders of small quantities, view the page Books Price List and Where you can Find them
    • The presentations can take place either in your place or elsewhere, either within or outside your working hours.
    • You may invite to these presentations your employees, customers and collaborators of any kind. Whoever comes, will particularly appreciate both your invitation and you, as well, who will have invited them.
    • The free conversation offfers the attendees the chance to view from another aspect the serious matters that may preoccupy them and makes them feel released, while they will be finally able to see a way out from where they thought that there was no solution.
    • The books are only the excuse, the triggering stimulus. The essence of these presentations is to promote our love for Truth and healthy relation with ourselves and the world.
    • The first presentation will be made tentatively with no charge.
    • If there are more presentations, the cost per presentation will be discussed.
    • There is also the possibility in some of the presentations with a small additional charge to enjoy the company of chosen known artists who will play music and sing for us, so that the atmosphere becomes nice and warm.
    • During the presenations some books sponsored by you can be offered to the attendees or, if you have not sponsored a publication, the books can be sold to whom wants to buy them.
    • In order to receive a first idea about these presentations, you can come any Monday at 6pm to our place in Ano Patisia, Athens, after a telephone confirmation has been made. You can also read the informative message that concerns these presentations.
    • At a second stage, after a cycle of presentations with free conversation has finished, we can also organize the ICSSS seminars for those who will have found the presenations interesting and beneficial for them.
    • The systematic study of their selves shall help your employees and all kinds of collaborators feel increasigly better, which will result in better performance during their workin time and also in a better personal and family life.
    • The bonds that will be created between these people and whom will have offered them this possibility, that is to say your company, will be unbreakable, since the benefits they will receive will be most important for them and lasting for the rest of their lives.
    • The cost of these seminars will be discussed when that time comes.
    • You may click here to read the detailed text for the presenation of the ICSSS.
    • If there is a possibility from your side to create some sales points for our books, please advise.
    • The books that are going to be sold at those sales points can either carry or not carry your logo as publication sponsor. This is something that you can decide.
    • Providing free books to social group which are in an inferior position for whichever reason: elderly people, people suffering from chronic diseases, prisoners, homeless people, poor people etc.
    • Financing of seminars, lectures, theater plays, music events and other activities at places where individuals of such social groups reside permanently or go frequently.
    • These activities can take place either in Greece or abroad.
    • They are organized by Mathiteia Publications with the sponsorship of the company or organization that undertakes to finance them.
    • I am very interested to listen to further ideas about other forms of collaboration, if any, as you certainly have a long experience in matters of marketing, public relations and human resources.

For further information about the aforementioned matters, I stay at your disposal.

Respectfully yours,

Themistocles Lykiardopoulos
writer and publisher
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