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The Experience some Readers Made while Reading our Books

It is indeed very satisfying, even moving, for someone to see the positive results of his work. Especially when these positive results take place within the hearts and minds of humans and help them to make their lives better, as well as their relation to themselves, others, the world and to their very life and existence.

In the following pages you can read texts sent to us by readers of our books. In these texts these readers have described their personal experience while reading our books and display the benefits they reaped from this reading. These benefits shall accompany them for the rest of their lives and are going to constitute for them a stimulus for even further inner development and evolution.

You may click on the title of your interest, in order to read what some of the readers have written:

  • The State of Freedom
  • The Book of Dreams (this link will be activated shortly)
  • Treasures of Spiritual Apprenticeship (this link will be activated shortly)

New readers’ text are always welcome for publication, either named or unnamed.

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