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A Good Book is the Best Present

When we want to give a present to somebody for his birthday or for his name day or simply because we feel like giving him a present, then there cannot be a better choice than a good book.

By this statement, we do not want to disdain or abolish sweets, flowers, decorative objects and other popular kinds of presents. All these are also beautiful and offer great joy to the recipient, especially when he knows that they have been made by the very hands of the giver.

Nevertheless, a good book, with a cordial dedication in the first page and a wish written from the bottom of our heart, is something that the recipient of the present is going to keep forever and consult whenever he wishes to recall some nice and important things he got from it, which made his inner world richer.

A good book generates a feeling of gratitude towards the person who gave it to us, because thanks to this initiative of his we have passed some wonderful hours. Additionally, our spiritual horizon may have opened towards hitherto directions that had been unknown to us; we may have even experienced the supreme feeling of rejoicing in our heart, depending, of course, on the object of the particular book.

The books of Mathiteia Publications contain all those ingredients that are necessary to generate such feelings in the hearts of the readers and make the relationship between the giver and the recipient firmer.

This happens, because these books talk about truths that the human spirit thirsts for, especially in our contemporary turbulent times, when our hearts long to find spiritual reference points to anchor there and become peaceful.

Thus, the books of Mathiteia Publications are the best possible gift, either at a personal level or at a level of enterprises and organizations. Regarding the latter case, you may read this page, where you will find a presentation of the great benefits an enterprise or organization can reap if they choose these books as a professional gift and sponsor the publishment of a number of copies that are going to be distributed to their collaborators of all kinds.

If you want to place an order, you may view the page Books Price List and Where you can Find them.

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