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Books Price List and Where you can Find them

  • Τιμές
    • All books of Mathiteia Publications cost 15€ in printed form.
    • In electronic form (e-book) they cost 10€ (pdf file).
    • Prices include VAT and do not include  shipping costs.
  • Discounts
  • Delivery methods
    • Speedex Courier – Shipping and cash on delivery costs: 5€, for 1 to 4 books.
      For more books there is no charge for shipping.
    • There is also the possibility to collect the books from our offices (see Contact Details).
      A good idea would be for you to participate in a book presentation with free conversation
      and buy there the books you wish to have.
    • The books of Mathiteia Publications are NOT available in book stores, at least for now.
  • How you can place your order
    • For books in printed form: please contact us
    • For books in electronic form:
      • Deposit in the following account of the National Bank of Greece:
        Account Number: 109/440401-78
        IBAN: GR9501101110000011174833258
        Payee: Th. Lykiardopoulos & Co. (Θ. Λυκιαρδόπουλος & Σία Ο.Ε.)
      • Reason for deposit:
        Please write the Book Codes and email address to which you want us to send the book.
        The Book Codes are the following:
        SOF = The State of Freedom
        BOD = The Book of Dreams (has not been finished yet)
        TSA = Treasures of Spiritual Apprenticeship (has not been finished yet)
        ΠΤΛ = Η Πολιτεία της Λευτεριάς
        ΒΤΟ = Το Βιβλίο των Ονείρων
        ΘΜ = Θησαυροί Μαθητείας (has not been finished yet)
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