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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Masters of wisdom, please help me!

Filled up with despair, I cry again: “Who will show me, who will explain to me? Who knows, and who is concerned to teach me?” Around me there is only dead silence. Nobody answers. My brothers do not hear me. Their own mental webs keep them absorbed in their own thoughts and agonies. Even if they were able to hear, they would not know how to help me.

Or rather no; if they knew how to hear their brother’s scream of despair, they would probably also be able to show him how to slip out of his own mental web and teach him how to listen to his brothers too. For the time being, however, their field of vision is limited and their heart is shrunk and shriveled like mine.

Some of them do know. Some wise and free brothers are in possession of this knowledge. Fortunately, I met some of them. I have adored them all. They really cared for me, and this was rare, uniquely important. It was an oasis for me to stay close to them. An unexpected oasis located somewhere in the outer world, as relieving as my own inner oasis of confession and compassion; and more so, because the oasis of my spiritual teachers apart from the sweet ceasefire also offered me a tangible outlook for liberation, through the everyday self-proven example of their lives.

I was very fortunate to meet them, but I also sought them out. I approached them; I wanted to hear what they had to say to me, because the web is unbearable; I needed them to remove the sticky web from my body. I went to these brothers-teachers[1] while carrying my web.

I brought them my web. I exposed it to them. Even if I tried to hide it from them, I would not have been able to do so. I was unavoidably carrying it around my body, since I was wrapped in it. It was all obvious to those who know how to watch others with a clear mind, love and care. It was a steady blurred cobweb, which covered the forehead, the breast, the stomach and my entire body, made from vain expectations, fears, desires and anxieties.

[1] The wise spiritual teachers are also my brothers, since they are also children of the same universe, parts of the same nature, creations from the same creator, cells of the same society. Their difference, however, from me is that they are not ruled by the biases, models, expectations, fears, anxieties, joys and sorrows which I consider as mine and identify myself with. On the contrary, they are the pure incarnation of love, compassion, humility and active care for all sentient creatures in this world.

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