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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Starting building.

While I was engineering the plans for the State of Freedom, my mind was totally absorbed, thrilled like a small child who has just been given an exciting toy. I have just completed the plans and immediately the mind hung from his favorite branch of doubt like a restless monkey and started wavering hopelessly like an autistic person, as if he wanted to make the time pass as painlessly as possible, as if he strived to shake off a sudden stress, a deadlock in which he had been hemmed unwittingly.

I feel disburdened thanks to the fact that I consider him no more as a heartless tyrant but as an intractable monkey with psychological deadlocks who is worth my compassion. As a result, the following two good things happen: first, I no longer suffer under his yoke and, second, I am up to supporting him with understanding during his hours of difficulty. In other words, my relationship to my mind has been transformed from a relationship of fear and despair into a relationship of understanding and compassion. This alone is already very important.

Now he doubts the implementation of the plans for the State of Freedom. They seem to him too good to be true. They are in total conflict to his previous experience. He doubts it, because he disputes his capability to adhere to his decisions. Now the mind suffers enormously because of this doubt, because he has been pained tremendously there in the air and he cannot tolerate to live any longer away from the State of Freedom. The doubt shatters him.

I remind him that now the firmness of his decision for freedom has fully ripened, because he has already been fascinated by the works of the hands and the heart, which is a powerful counterweight for him against his addiction to his endless soul-destroying fixed ideas. He gestures affirmatively, for he has realized his difference from before. Now he calms down in the certainty that this time the building action will not be postponed once again indefinitely until the new crisis of despair and hopelessness, like it has happened many times in the past.

Now I start the endless construction works with zeal yet also with longanimity. In this endless course which I will now embark, succorer and drag as well will be my dual mind. One time he may dig in his heels and another time he may rush with enthusiasm, while building avenues to bring his brothers to the bliss of inner freedom[1].

At such moments he deserves all admiration. Crystal clear and lightweight, but at the same time lofty, decisive and flexible, like a free deer he slaloms skillfully among the various kinds of inner and outer obstacles with a heart full of warmth for the beautiful Truth, inextinguishable flame of inspiration, totally dedicated to the sacred sanative work which he loves.

[1] In order to not restrain his momentum in such cases, I consciously ignore his arrogance and conceit, which due to inexperience unavoidably make him believe that he is going to save the whole world. Moreover, he knows that I know how arrogant he is and that I watch over him and supervise him every single moment. Therefore, he doesn’t dare to start his vain pomposities and his heroic ravings, but, on the contrary, he humbly focuses on his work.

In this way, his initial immature and rough enthusiasm is gradually transmuted into creative maturity.

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