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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

The committed father-mind.

So, who can assure me that the mind will not run away masterless and repeatedly to whichever direction captivates him each time? This question remains still unanswered, because I chose to undertake the quest of Truth, who proved to be hidden in the hands. The mind found her by chance and fell in love with her. Now he wants to stay near her all the time, to savor her smell, to be quenched by her aura, to have his windpipe sweetened by her knowledge and her celestial confidence.

Truth is the doings of the heart and the hands; she is the innate and constantly renewable vital flame, the unceasing momentum, the triumph of compassion, the joy of comradely life, the intimacy of travelling with the brothers together, without leakages, without losses and wastefulness. The doings of the heart and the hands now flourish the mind overall and fill him with euphoria and rejoicing. He loves them as if they were his children, because thanks to them his life has gained color, like the physical children tender color to the lives of their parents.

The mind is no longer sterile; he has the inspired doings of the heart, his immortal and unforgettable beloved spiritual children, lifelong guaranty for mental peace and sufficient reason for a deeply rooted feeling of self-esteem. This is why he is devoted to them. I only need to remain conscious and take care to remind him of it.

He will not raise any objection, because he tasted the joy; now he knows what he loses every moment he prefers to weave his web instead of trustingly and attentively listening to the heart and its branches, the arms and hands, which know how to bring him from his inextricable aerial labyrinths back to the joy of earthly life. Now he has learned to choose the action of the hands; he constantly occupies them with works of loving care and service, both material and mental ones. He no longer loses himself in the air to become once again an aimlessly wandering lost sky walker.

Certainly it will take more battles until the new habit becomes established. Afterwards, the choice will have become automatic: Free time? Then, hands, no more misery! Because it seems that there is no other path to salvation apart from the “manipulation” of the mind.

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