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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

The friend & fellow-walker mind.

In his dread the mind suddenly remembers the image of the hands, yesterday in the night, when his abstract gaze was transfixed on them and he believed that Truth is hidden there. If it really is so, then the exploitation of each moment of the gift of life must be directly related to the hands. It is probable that the exploitation is carried out by the hands.

Now he tries to combine pieces of information. The confusion encumbers him, but he persists. He loses time, but not his goal. He loses small battles, but not the war. His need is huge and screams. He wants to find Truth at whatever cost.

All possessions of the world, which have been bewitching him during his lifetime, the former tyrant mind gives them all away now and abandons them, in order to help me find Truth. Now that he has identified himself with my despair, he has absolute focus on striving for my liberation. This change of attitude took place thanks to the fact that I gave him ample time to find the way towards compassion.

Yesterday and today I dedicated some hours to him. We remained alone he, I and this text. I did not occupy him with thousands of other things like other evenings; I closed the worldly switches. I brought him in front of the problem; he saw it, he understood it and he sympathized with me. Thus, the enemy became a compassionate ally. He pains now and is in anguish: “Are we going to find Truth? And when we find her, how will we not lose her again?”

I already feel much better. I feel the snugness of my mind girding me, penetrating into my formerly dry body and filling it with power and love. At least, I am now experiencing the possibility of having a faithful helpmate, regardless if the torrent of thoughts and agonies will take him away from me, as usual. I know that he knows now; I gave him sufficient time, therefore he learned how to sympathize with me and take care of me. Hence, even if he goes for a while, he will sigh for our comradely relationship and return.

Anyway, for the time being he doesn’t seem to have any intentions of coming off me. While I am writing this, the mind continues staying with me, with remarkable patience for his standards. He waits as long as necessary, being active, not as a distanced spectator, cool egoist and indifferent judge like before. He has decided to stay until I find Truth.

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