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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

The method.

The mind realizes that the antidote against the influence which the bewitching insecure Sirens exert on him is the infrastructure, the method, which are infallible reference points and open passageways for rebound to the avenue of freedom for the deflected and bewitched mind.

For many years I was being told so by my brothers-teachers, but the mind did not trust the method, because it took action, and he did not trust any more his dry and sterile meticulous kind of action, which had exhausted him. He remembers how he refused to accept the value of the “artificial happiness”, as he called it, because he considered all his works as artificial, false, theoretical, he underrated them.

He was looking forward to that kind of happiness which is based on the nice, unprepared, impulsive feelings, without thought and coercion. In a nutshell, his self had disappointed him and therefore he had become a romantic lazy fellow, who, out of fear of knowledge and the consequent change, preferred to remain internally idle and live with his chimera.

However, while he saw the fulfillment of the chimera of the impulsive emotional happiness being ever postponed and the dream straying more and more, he started to reconsider whether his teachers knew something more than him. It took him some years until he was convinced that, indeed, the construction of happiness takes method and that eventually the application of the method is not an artificial and false solution which deprives life of the emotional joy and the spontaneity of the experiences, as he had initially believed.

As he continues this flashback, he sees now that that new mental attitude was not sufficient. For, it took him another so many years until he managed to apply what he had learned. He had other work to do, he did not have time, he said, nor was he in that mood. He strolled about and made several trials; he wanted first to make sure that there was no other cushier solution available.

Whenever difficult hours came, he moved on with the method only up to the first steps, up to the point where he calmed down, and then he went for a peaceful sleep inside the lap of confession or, at most, the forgiveness of the self for all his mistakes. This was the most he could do, anything more than that was too much for him. That’s why he consciously postponed the rest and said, in order to avoid to be tormented by qualms: That much I can, that much I do”, and fell asleep exhausted and calmed down.

However, the temporal relief did not pull apart the web; it only loosened it for a while. The exhaustion and despair finally convinced the mind to put the method into action, to enable the trace of freedom which he has already felt to penetrate deeply into himself, in order to sprout, grow and settle down. Many are the resistances, the tensions, the flicks of the body, the relapses and the frustrations. An unconscious system of values of so many years cannot ever fall apart without a fight. It has the natural layoff which is a hallmark of every status quo.

But the struggle goes on and will be rewarded, for I have entered an one-way which has no end, as the levels of freedom are infinite; they extend much farther than my mind can conceive. What he can conceive already seems to him too distant; so, there is no reason to try to conceive the farther levels. He simply accepts their existence, as well as the existence of the one-way which leads to them.

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