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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

The salvation of the humble servant.

So, service. This notion reminds me something. The brothers-teachers I used to have in the past highlighted it again and again. They told me again and again that this will be the only solution for me, if I really cannot bear it any more to be a stooge of the tyrannical mind.

But I had my own opinion, because I had an “I”, an ego[1]. I wanted to find another way; I preferred to oppress the tyrannical mind. However, I had not thought thereof, what would I do with him after his oppression. I wanted to imprison a wild beast inside my body, without having tamed it first.

All this was due to ignorance and inexperience. I was in haste; I wanted the quick way. I had been spoilt since my childhood; I had been given the margin to believe that I have the right to demand everything here and now, with no hard work, sweat, blood, pain. I had fallen into the same illusion into which many of my brothers and sisters fall during their youth. I was one more arrogant youngster. I was convinced that I knew better.

Now I have understood. Everything needs the proper way and time; the mind also does. It was necessary to dedicate time to him, in order to help him feel compassion for me and transform himself from a painless enemy into a friendly supporter, devoted to the mission of my liberation. The lazy method of suppression doesn’t work. It never worked, nowhere, it never brought any stable result.

The hands are the master builder of service. The will is the boss, the force which motivates the hands. And the old pain, the accumulated pain within the past years, is the progenitor, the father of the boss, who is the power-will. The seat and functionary of the power-will is the heart, because the heart with her beats and her warm blood reminds me every single moment that we are all alive, I and my brothers.

In addition, because I live, for sure I must be of a certain value for him who decided to provide me with the gift of life. Hence, I deserve to live in joy, even if my mind does not remember this frequently, due to his identification with all kinds of worldly details. The same also applies for all my brothers; they also deserve to live in joy.

This is the reason why the heart awakes me every single moment and motivates me to tell my hands to do something, no matter what, in order to efface the useless mental sorrow and decline from me and from my brothers and replace these with the acquaintance with the exquisite pure maiden, Truth, who brings the deepest joy.

And the hands, branches rooting in the heart, obedient and humble servants, receive the signal and start working with zeal. They write, caress, feed, hug, create, take care, tide up, maintain, play music, and develop works of love and devotion. In other words, they do eagerly whatever it takes, in order for me to participate in life.

This is what “service” is supposed to mean: to participate in life every single moment, eagerly and gladly, with unconstrained immediacy, consciously, aptly, flexibly, always for the sake of mine and others’ good. Many small deeds with the unique goal to sweeten our old pain and allow the awareness of Truth and the joy come to me and my brothers with the thousands of wasteful agonies.

[1] The word “ego” in Greek means “I”, but it also means “ego” and “egotism”.

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