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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

The work stoppages.

Until one of the old familiar Sirens who reside inside the mind – Pride, Envy, Comparison, Deficiency Feeling, Self-Pity and many others – deceitfully and unnoticeably skews the under construction sanative avenue and, by taking advantage of his momentum, appeals to him cunningly, in order to cherish him in her bewitching lap.

Within precious little time, nearly instantaneously, his love for me and for my brothers abruptly dries up. The works then stop, he totally disregards them. The mind overflows with the spiritual poison of the Siren who slickly and slyly muffled him in her lap, no matter which is the name of the poison each time.

The mind is blinkered. By nature he does not have the b of the heart. Therefore, he believes that everybody thinks in his own way. So, he becomes a vulnerable victim for the slick Sirens, whenever the heart enraptures him and instills in him love for all his brothers. Under these conditions, he forgets completely that there are – not somewhere else, but deeply ingrained inside himself – some devious Sirens who barely like the fact that the mind forgets them while he follows the path of Truth with the destination of inner Freedom. They don’t care about his ideals in the slightest and the only thing they desire is to corroborate the value of their existence once again,

Besides, exactly the same has been done to him several times by many external Sirens – women with a slinking snaky slenderness and with an unfathomable insecurity. This insecurity made them skip over the valuable goods of freedom and love which the guileless son of love, the mind, would have been able to render them. Had they allowed him to do so, he would have helped them, those hapless women, to settle down for good; however, they preferred to loop him hastily and avidly like lustful snakes.

I had been told by a wise teacher, my third one[1], that Circe[2] likes to transform the weak ones. It is true that numerous times my mind has fallen victim not only to Circe but also to all inner and outer Sirens that exist. I confess it and feel relieved once again. The psychic burden of the mistake is thus unloaded and so I quiet down, as I admit and bring to light this old painful truth without fear and passion.

But there is an urge to do something, to find a solution. As I said, the reprieve caused by the confession is a small and temporary joy; it pales in front of the limitless joy of freedom. She is what I truly long for and only her I want to find; for her sake I shall do whatever I’ll be asked to, no matter how complicated and difficult it may seem to me.

I am not cursory. The complex mental webs of decades can only have a complex and strenuous solution. The workload does not scare me, because I have no other choice but to try solutions and methods, in order to find which of them pay off for me and which not, to become a tireless humble student, a wayfarer on the path of learning which through knowledge of Truth eventually leads to Freedom. Moreover, I have plenty of time, because, if I mull over it, I will realize that I have nothing more important to do in the rest of my life.

[1] My first teacher is the gift of life, my very existence, the dual incarnated triune self (physical body-emotions-mind) with the respective pairs of opposites: physical well-being and pain, joy and sorrow, troubled and peaceful mind. My second teacher is the outer world, which in innumerable ways manages to incite the immanent physical well-being and pain, joy and sorrow, trouble and peace. My third teacher was the first of the wise brothers I met in my life. He, with the mere incentive of pure, selfless and compassionate love, was truly interested in my good for years. He showed me how to straighten up within my mind the physical well-being and pain, joy and sorrow, trouble and mental peace, as well as how to handle mentally and condition myself towards all these experiences in real time, while they transpire in my inner world. I refer to him as “my Master” or “the Master”, because he was a Master of Wisdom who mastered the human nature and knew how to guide me to inner Freedom.

[2] Circe used to live on the mythical island Aeaea, where she was the queen. She used to transform her enemies or anyone who insulted her into animals, by concocting magic potions, as she had sufficient knowledge about herbs and their pharmaceutical effect. (Source: Wikipedia)

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