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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

My brother or sister, …

… You, who have had the patience and courage to read this entire book, I can assume only two potential reasons why you did not give it up before its end: either it has touched you deep in your heart, and you probably thought at times that you were looking at yourself in the mirror, or it did not touch you at all and you only wanted to see how sick can eventually be this complexed and miserable writer.

Hence, if the first reason indeed applies for you and if you feel that by reading this book you have scratched some old wounds which now yearn to be cured, you have the possibility, if you want, to follow up our relationship choosing one or more of the following ways:

  • One idea would be to make sure that you have this book constantly at your reach, so as to open it at a random page whenever you meet difficulties of any kind. This is a “magical” phenomenon; I have tried it many times. As if an innate supreme knowledge guides me, the nature of which I do not know, my hands are guided correctly and nearly always open the book exactly at the page which contains the very answer I need.
  • You can also make this book known to your friends and other people you know, either verbally or by sending them an email and linking them to www.mathiteia.gr.
  • Finally, you can come in contact with me, in order that we both participate together with other brothers of ours in a Self-Study Group or to play in a theatrically enlarged way whatever we observe in our selves, to laugh and cry together and walk in many other ways on the path which leads to inner freedom.

With brotherly love,


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