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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

The review of the journey.

A few weeks later…

While I am holding in my hands the first printout of the text in its final form, with the sheets punched and placed in a bright sky blue A5 size ring binder, my mind is now deeply satisfied and feels the joy spilling over from his chest.[1] I am holding in my two hands the inner history of his life. The gravest of the inner restraints that held and continue to hold my mind back from the state of deep and unshakeable bliss have now been conceded, brought to light and, in a great extent, simplified.

During the journey of the erection of his State of Freedom, the mind devised and was taught loads of valuable and handy antidotes, all of which proved to be adequate to heal him from all his weaknesses, provided, of course, that he remembers to put them into application.

The only reason for which the mind often forgets to apply the obtained antidotes is the power of old habits that reduce his awareness and vigilance. It is all about his temporal denial to come out from his comfort zone and do something different from what he has been accustomed to. However, the fact that he harbors friendly and agreeable feelings towards these antidotes is important; he does not find them difficult or tiresome or too complicated, because his personal experience from their application has been very positive, simple, uncon-strained and refreshing.

These antidotes were nothing but formerly neglected notions which he had underestimated, such as confession, under­standing, compassion, forgiveness, concern and care, com­panionship and many more. These notions obtained the posi­tion they deserved in him, thus becoming the fundamental values of his life. Hence, they are now at his disposal when-ever he has a hankering for them. They have already helped him pass through many necks of the woods caused by his fears, with only little pain and without excessive anxiety, bloodlessly, devoid of needless grief and with no severe losses of time, energy and happiness.

He learned how to respect and appreciate his time, the very gift of life, and his self, all elementary goods which he formerly used to take for granted, let pass unnoticed and remain unexploited, thus wasting them, without being aware of the harm he was causing not only to his very self but also to his close brothers, since he deprived them of his care, affection and love.

The script I am now holding in my hands, although only a few weeks old, has already proved to be useful for my mind several times, as it constitutes for him a written point of reference, reminding, repositioning and recurrent boosting of his faith in the new values he obtained during the last months. Whenever he is under pressure due to worldly occurrences and feels exhausted by his masterless thoughts, he opens this script at a random page and – as if by miracle, since nothing ever happens by chance – he always receives the answer he longs for, in order for him to simmer down again and accept to stay calm for a while, so as to listen into his inner self, confess his passions and understand and forgive himself.

This text reminds my mind of the possibility to love and take care of himself, because, as soon as he takes it in his hands, he immediately recalls again the unprecedented atmosphere of warmth and love for himself, in which it has been written. It regularly reminds him of the vanity of his anxieties and brings him back easily to the inner peace which takes distance from the events of this world, regardless how bad things may get out there. Thus, this script trains my mind in the increasingly stable incorporation and establishment of these salutary new values in his body cells. This is why he does not part with it, and this is also why he is going to print out three copies, one for at home, one for the office and one for the car. Because the mind, every now and then, errs and loses himself in the anxieties, and so he really does need a powerful counter-weight to return him to the serene center of himself, where “everything is fine”, like his Master used to say fairly often.

Saturday, 5 November 2005, [2]

[1] For the sake of history, I want to mention here that back then, in November 2005, the book used to have only about 250 pages. From that time until I first printed it in December 2010, I read it again and again, every time adding some new ideas, thoughts and experiences, since the State of Freedom is a work that, by nature, cannot have an end. So, its pages have become, at least for now, 380.

[2] This is, according to my computer, the time point when the writing of the first edition of the State of Freedom was finished, exactly nine and half months after its commencement.

Remark: The way in which the mind phrased this last footnote denotes clearly double vanity: First, he mentioned the number of months, because he obviously longs to be admired for how he has managed to create such a “masterpiece” within such a short time; second, he wrote “the first edition”; hence, he seems to be sure that his “masterpiece” will become a worldwide best-seller, and he is already looking forward to its next enriched editions, since he is certain that the first one will be immediately blown away and sold out. Moreover, he is dreaming of international recognition and – why not? – the Nobel Prize. Alas! This mind seems to be beyond light repair!

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