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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Freedom is unbound.

It was impossible for me to bind Freedom in a tightly bound book. What kind of freedom would it be then? The sheets are unbound, free; between the pages there is free space available for my brothers and sisters, for each of them to write his own story of slavery and freedom, thus building his own state next to mine, in a way according to his own dreams. Thus, mine and my brothers’ States of Freedom will be unified, will merge into each other, will become one, bigger, richer, more beautiful, more colorful and fragrant State, full of vivid eternal multi-form erotic-brotherly play.

The State of Freedom has neither limits nor an owner. Its creation started innumerable centuries ago and it will continue to grow as long as there are brothers[1] who need it. I hope that all my brothers will add to this book so many new sheets, that my writings as well as my ancestors’ writings will vanish into the infinity of theirs and will become a humble and insignificant infinitesimal dot of serene resignation within the extent of the new Universal State of Freedom and Peace[2].

[1] We are all children of the same universe, parts of the same nature, creations from the same creator, individual cells of one and the same society. We are all children of parents who underwent similar prejudices, patterns, expectations, fears, anxieties, joys and sorrows. Hence, we are billions of brothers and sisters (from now on referred to as “brothers” for brevity’s sake), who altogether, hand-in-hand, give the same fight for survival and recognition of their value within the framework of this unknown world with its many adversities. Therefore, the only thing we need is mutual understanding, solidarity and awareness of the fact that we have nothing to share out. (Although the word “brothers” denotes a state of companionship, in the following texts I shall keep using this word even whenever I describe moments when my mind has been obsessed by intense sense of separatism, in order to remind him the virtue of companionship and thus train him in this virtue.)

[2] Subsequent remark: For practical reasons, as well as for the reason that I decided to sacrifice my cumbersome obsession to always differentiate myself from others, this nice idea was finally abandoned. So, this book is bound in the same ordinary way like any other book. However, I did not delete the above text, because it perfectly responds to my inner inclination and need for a comradely course to Freedom together with other brothers.

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