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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

God is Existence.

This text was written several years
after the book had been finished.

My Master used to say that all humanity is still at the pre-adolescent stage of its evolution from emotional aspect, with very few exceptions. In this stage we all teem with needs, with which we identify ourselves in a high to absolute degree. To wit, we are largely to totally dependent on the fulfillment of our needs in order to be well.

It is natural, while we live at this dependent stage of consciousness, to yearn for a Father who can cover our needs. This is, I believe, the reason why the perception that God is our Father has dominated. Namely, it is our need to find, even mentally, a refuge in a Father who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and hence capable to take care of the fulfillment of our numerous and imperative needs.

During the time period when I was writing this book I also used to experience this need. That’s why at several points of the book I referred to the Creator Father, to whom I entrusted with confidence all my anxieties about the future and all my sorrows about the past. This surrender was one of the most fundamental building blocks which constructed my “State of Freedom”.

Now, some years later, my perception about God has been significantly altered. In fact, the word “God” does not express me so much anymore. I prefer the word “Existence”. By this word I mean the eternal Existence of the whole Universe, which has no beginning and no end, either in time or in space.

The notion of Existence I experience in my very self, too. I also recognize it within all humans, animals, plants, nature, minerals, sky, celestial objects, and generally in whatever exists. Existence has taken the place of God in my mind and heart. I now believe that all we who exist we wanted ourselves to exist in the perishable form which we have.

As a matter of fact, we are not many, we are One. This One wants to exist in all these forms. Each form encompasses the whole of the will and knowledge of this Unit, which is but the whole of all of us who exist. All that exists is part of the Unit, but is also the whole of the Unit at the same time. In other words, the Existence is seemingly divided to countless parts, each of which encapsulates the whole Existence, as unconscious knowledge and as a latent potential.

By our conscious deepening and surrender to our Existence, we can gradually get access to more and more knowledge. Furthermore, we can gradually manifest more and more our latent potential. Both knowledge and our potential are obviously limitless, infinite. What else could they be, since they both are attributes of our infinite Existence, which knows no boundaries in space and time?

As a result, we shall not ever get bored with our lives within our universe, since there will always be an infinite stock of unconscious knowledge for us to become conscious of, as well as an infinite stock of latent potential to manifest.

In this inner Existence of mine I quest and find now the refuge which I formerly used to find in the Father-Creator God. This new perception pleases me much more, because it eradicates that annoying delusion that I and God are two separate entities.

That dualism used to drive me crazy. That unbridgeable gap between me and God, to wit between anxiety and inner peace, drove me crazy and caused despair to me. On the contrary, now that the dualism was removed from my ideology, I simply bow inside myself and find the peace of my eternal and imperishable Existence, which provides me with security and drive for life. What could be nicer and simpler?

Additionally, I do no more strive to do the right thing in order to receive the approval of a God whom I take for separate from me, but in order to be well I and my brothers, by means of staying in touch with our true Existence. This is a much healthier life attitude.
I have not become an atheist within the years which intervened between the time I wrote this book and now. I simply realized that what I used to call God then is actually my very Existence, totally approachable and accessible, staying at my disposal at every single moment, as an inexhaustible source for peace, joy, stamina and zeal for life.

This same Existence I recognize now in all my brothers, and this is my message to them: to appeal to their very Existence and determine it as their one and only refuge which is going to give them power and courage in these turbulent times which we are all going through. In this way, they will be able to be always well, by keeping the joy of life unreduced inside them, no matter the difficulties which they may be currently experiencing.

Further thoughts about the same subject I have written in the footnote of chapter B29 entitled “The mind acknowledges the will of the Creator”.

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