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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

I renounce, at least, the intellectual property.

Since I do not have the courage to renounce my house and some more goods which I consider as elementary, let me renounce, at least, something which is easier for me to be deprived of: the intellectual property. I do not consider these writings as mine. Who am I, anyway, to have the right to claim that all the ideas included in this book are mine? Am I not a derivative of society? I am the result of the experiences which I have collected from my relationship with the world. I simply combined these experiences with each other to shape the ideas which I recorded here.

Hence, these writings belong equally to me and to all my brothers as well, who have, therefore, the inalienable right to reproduce them in any possible way and use them in the way they wish, without fear of being accused of theft of intellectual property, since this author does not believe to own any intellectual property at all.

Furthermore, I believe that it would be contradictory for a book that inquires into freedom to start with such a restriction. My mind is now glad that already from the early beginning of these writings he achieved a victory against his eternal opponent, the fear, who resides in his guts. He already feels a bit relieved, which is a good omen for the continuation of the work which he just commenced, because the unique reason for which he started writing is to find total relief from the burden of the fears, which have been accumulated in him during his entire life.

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