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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

I want to always remember that life is a purely inner affair.

While reading any book, I like, whenever I find among its lines a most valuable truth that I want to cherish in my heart so as to never lose it, to close my eyes for a while, contemplate on it and let it get ingrained into all cells of my brain and my whole body, in order to become incorporated and established in me. Moreover, I often read the text aloud, slowly and distinctly, again and again, in order to hear it as many times as necessary until it subsides in me and gets impressed upon me and from a mere piece of information becomes an indelible experience and deep knowledge. Only after having done so, can I rest assured and resume reading the book, having entrusted the task of the ingraination of the new knowledge into my being to the latent wisdom of my nature. Because I have realized that life is a purely inner affair.

Among all events that occur in the world, the only ones that really concern and are of interest to me are those which transpire inside my mind and my heart and inside the minds and the hearts of my brothers, who are all living humans. I want to be committed and dedicated only to these events and not have my attention distracted by trivial information related to news, commentaries on external happenings, aimless chats and other disorienting things of this kind. Only the intimate internal occurrences do I want to study and examine, and only such redeeming inner incidences am I interested to trigger within myself and within my brothers by means of my thoughts, words and deeds. Because I have realized that life is a purely inner affair.

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