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The State of Freedom
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with the destination of inner Freedom.

The vanity of the emotionally insecure writer.

“Will people approve my writings or will they reject them? Might many brothers consider me a handicapped individual of low self-esteem as they read about my psychological problems? Might some people say that I exaggerate in my narrations and judge me as a silly romantic fool? Or, maybe, might they call me egocentric, for I constantly talk about myself and the uncontrollable and unwilled games which my mind plays unwittingly?

“Many other brothers may, however, be moved, love me and take compassion on me. They may also feel that they see themselves in a mirror while reading my writings. They may even admire me for my inspiration or envy me for my intelligence. Or they may be inspired by my examples and express the will to take some steps towards freedom together with me”.

I observe all these thoughts, derivatives of my vanity, which come across my mind and perhaps in all likelihood come across the mind of every brother-writer. I smile with understanding. It is but my familiar insecure self who thinks in this way. Deep inside me these thoughts do not concern me, since I do not believe that I have come to this world in order to obtain glory or be it receive simple approval from it, or to take the egotistic satisfaction that I managed to change it. I only came in order to learn how to be free regardless of the varying external circumstances, even when everybody may cold shoulder me or disdain me and consider me as an insignificant despicable, censurable and deplorable mediocrity.

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