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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Α1. Reconciliation will lay
firm foundations for the work.

So, the mind decides to initially choose and follow step by step those pieces of advice of the brothers-teachers, the goal of which was to soften the emotional subsoil, by means of gradual recall of all useless agonies, which were causing inner war, strain and fatigue due to the overactivity of the mind and the misplaced contraction of muscles.

In other words, the mind has now understood that it is necessary to find first for his trains of thought new gateways, which will release him from his anguishes and reconcile him with his hated “miserable and pitiable” condition, as he has been considering it for many years. And these new thoughts have gateways that will open the access road for unprecedented synthetic experiences to come about, in order for the mind to relive up to his core all pain and anguishes of his lifetime, but for the first time in a climate of reconciliation and resignation instead of the formerly familiar burdensome belligerent state of self-condemnation and impatience.

The mere perception of this possibility which is now opened ahead of him, that is to say to synthesize the torturing pain of a lifetime with the liberating reconciliation, renders him great joy and relief. He knows, of course, from his previous experience, that this will not be an easy conquest, nor will it be enough to achieve it only once. Besides, he knows that in real life he will probably find out that the facets of this work are myriad, as many as the facets of ego.

Precisely these various facets of ego are the problem to be solved, because the mind realizes that each accumulated material which has formed some scale inside him within the past years needs its own specific frequency, which will patiently soften it gradually and dissolve it, exactly like lithotripsy in the kidneys and stone removal from the teeth are achieved with ultrasounds.

But he has now learned to say – and believe it – that it does not matter that the number of the ego’s facets which need therapy is so large, because he has ahead “much and nice work to do, no matter if the knife hurts every time that it touches a bone, because the subsequent serenity is worth all the pain”.

The mind anticipates one more result from this work. For the first time, he is going to see himself as a heroic warrior and hence appreciate himself. The self-esteem will take the place of the long-standing adopted self-pity and the consequent entrenched feeling of despair, although he does not trust that the malady of his lack of discipline will stop. The difference this time will be that the one who will now disobey and then pain will be for his eyes his heroic self and not a pitiable fearful wounded animal.

So, the pain will be tolerable; it is even probable that it will turn to be endearing and congenial, a joyous proof of life which flows and does not stagnate. It can also become an authentic faithful friend, who is concerned about the mind and therefore takes care of his awakening and liberation.

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