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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Α2. The mind creates a warm atmosphere.

Now my mind wants to create a warm atmosphere. The situation reminds him of my school years, namely when I began studying for the annual final exams. After some days of soul-destroying procrastination during which neither did I study nor let me the guilt feeling enjoy my free time, I realized that the day of reckoning had arrived in scallop and I made the decision to act.

I consciously put aside my resistance to study for a while, for as long as it was necessary for my steps to lead me to the desk of study. In this way I managed to find myself seated on the chair in front of my desk, thereby deluding the mind’s resistance for the few critical seconds needed for me to reach my desk and put him in front of a fait accompli.

Then, in order to create a warm atmosphere, I started to clear up my papers, books and pens. I estimated the total syllabus to be studied and calculated how much of it I would have to cover every day in order to have also enough time available to make a refreshing before the exam of each subject.

With all this I cultivated a pleasant climate of warmth and care for myself, in which I was about to cocoon for the next weeks. Thereby, the resistance melted away, because the new environment seemed to be safe, nice and promising joy of creation. “Every beginning is difficult”, they say, but fortunately also applies that “eating opens the appetite”.

So now, once again, my mind creates a warm atmosphere. He believes in what he intends to do, he loves it, because he loves what he will earn, that is to say freedom. He slips into the new climate; he willingly agrees to sacrifice his frenetic roaming, because the space which now calls him in emits love, care and concern. He passes over his myriad of desires and brushes them aside.

I sit again like those days at my desk, on which instead of the papers and books of my school years there are the keyboard and the screen of my computer. Here there is again an organized frame; the mind feels again safe like the old time, because he knows exactly what he is supposed to do, what he is going to deal with.

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