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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Α23. The mind is not in haste this time.

The flight in the air has now been completed. The fall from the musty towerhut of fears ended and the landing at the curative spring of the acquittal from which nectar spouts was smooth. The mind laughs inwardly, while he sits now quiet and a little sweetly exhausted. He laughs out of happiness due to the new liberating truth that he is not guilty for anything.

He knows that there are thousands more “it’s not your fault” which he will need to say again and again to himself, until he believes unshakably that he is really innocent. But he is glad to have so much and lovely work ahead, because, after all, he does not have – at least for now – anything more pleasant, more important and more interesting to do in his life than his self-cure.

He contemplates that, if the obstacles and the distress which they caused him had not existed, he would never have been able to enjoy the joy of acquittal today. Therefore, he is thankful for all the difficulties which he has found on his way as well as all brothers and sisters who evoked them, for without these “compassionless” brothers and sisters he would not have suffered and consequently would not have come today to the need to bend into himself and apply for the acquittal and experience this first level of freedom.

The acquittal seems to be sweeter and more powerful than the confession which the mind recently tasted, because the acquittal prerequisites the confession as a preceding step. Hence, the confession is inherent in the acquittal, whilst the reverse does not apply necessarily. This means that the acquittal comprises double dosage of joy: the joy of the confession and the joy of the acquittal.

This finding triggers to the mind an intense aspiration to proceed to the succeeding steps which will compose the construction of the State of Freedom, because he concludes correctly that the quantity of joy which he is going to receive from each step will always be additional to the joy rendered to him by the previous one. Therefore, he wants to conquer all steps in their whole depth and breadth as soon as possible. But he knows that he will need to be a little more patient. Moreover, he has been waiting for decades; he can wait for a few more weeks, let’s not adopt again the role of the spoilt and impatient child.

Because each step has to take its time in order to be assimilated. Besides, the joy which accompanies the steps is also not easy to digest, because the mind has not been used to so much joy, he is more familiar to sorrow. Therefore, he needs a gradual increase of the joy dosage, in order to preserve his sanity and avoid destroying what he has constructed until now. He has experienced similar situations in the past and has seen his limits, which he now respects. The mind compromises and conforms to these conditions, showing prudence and refrains from haste. He grants time and space to himself, in order to first absorb each one of the succeeding conquests before he proceeds to the next one. For he wants to ensure that nothing will go wrong; he will not sacrifice the strong foundation for the sake of his haste this time, he has now obtained experience.

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