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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Α3. Relaxation.

Before I start the mental work, let’s make an exercise for relaxation that my Master taught me, in order to create inside me a condition of joy and calmness, under which the mental associations flow more fluently. The relaxation for me is like the oil which lubricates pistons and gears, in order for the machine to work without wear and breakdowns. For the thoughts, when dry and not lubricated, burn the mind, whereas the relaxation broaches the neurons of the brain and thus the thoughts flow without any friction and overheating of the mind’s machine.

So, I close my eyes, I breathe deeply and slowly, I observe the air while it passes through my nostrils and the respiratory tract and enters the lungs. I imagine the blood as it captures the oxygen in the lung cells and I listen for a while to the heart, which pulses lifelong at a constant rate, in order to carry the oxygen, a life blessing, to the whole body, to nourish cells, tissues and organs and bring the blood refined by the kidneys back to the lungs, to receive new oxygen, and so forth.

I marvel at the complex factory which has been erected with the unique goal for me to be given the opportunity within a lifetime to become acquainted with inner freedom. I thank the father-creator of this factory, whoever he may be, and stay there for a little more, seemingly motionless, but in me the machines keep pulsing thanks to the inexplicable miracle which is the ever-flowing stream of life. Arms and legs smoothly fall with all their weight, the muscles stop contracting, each breath causes even deeper relaxation.

I enjoy the miracle of life in my body for some time and consequently I revert, start my contemplations and write them down.

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