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The State of Freedom
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with the destination of inner Freedom.

Α31. The mind forgives me completely.

Something self-evident – yet important to be mentioned separately, as it is a notable change which took place auto-matically, indirectly, without any special effort, thanks to the confession, understanding, acquittal and compassion, as a beneficial parallel effect – is the forgiveness of the mind for himself, that is to say for the undisciplined child which, on the one hand by his acts of recklessness and on the other hand by his timidness, has deprived him of many of the joys he anticipated.

Indeed, the mind, while he resides and works inside the Warm and Well-lit Sanatorium of the Heart, suddenly realizes that since some hours ago he has been dedicated to the task of the therapy of his miserable children, that is to say his facets. This means that for the first time it happens now that for several consecutive hours he was visited by not even one negative thought of self-blame, rejection and resentment for any of these facets of his which have oppressed him for years.

This is not a coincidence. It is the result of a conscious choice made by the mind. He chose the last hours to change the kind of his relationship to the weak facets of himself and to become from a remorseless judge their tender healer. This attitude change certainly prerequisites the deep heartfelt forgiveness; otherwise, it would have never been able to be accomplished.

It is obvious that this miracle is owed to the healing power of compassion which, as it is now proved, can heal not only the sufferers but also the healers from their negative thought-forms, which are the one and only cause for their misery. This is quite a revelation for the mind, who now stares with admiration at Compassion, the gentle nurse of the sanatorium, recognizing behind the seeming naiveness of her childish face her humbly hidden all-embracing catalytic power which benefits everybody and everything, as it heals equally both the receivers and the givers.

So, compassion, a product of confession, understanding and acquittal, generated forgiveness in the mind. The mind now forgives his weak oppressive self and tells him: “Frankly, what you did is no matter, I do not hold against you the pain you caused me, the opportunities you lost and the joys you deprived me of with your fears and your obsessive ideas. I harbor understanding for your emotional deadlock which instigated you to these ideas; I understand that you did not have the intention to harm me and overwhelm me with grief. You were simply not mature and tranquil enough to think how much pain your deeds would cause me, because you were not temperate enough to relinquish them, nor did you know any other alternative solutions which could discharge the emotional strain you felt in an equally effective way”.

“I open the space of my heart and offer you a place inside her Warm and Well-lit Sanatorium, and I am glad to sense you nestle rejoiced while you peacefully hear her beats. I am glad that I was liberated from the vindictiveness I felt against you, my dear self, which constantly saturated me with an inex­haustible poison. I am glad that I can, at last, have you as my friend and wish for you the best. The sweet taste of the unconditional forgiveness which springs from the center of the heart and fills up all cells of my brain is for me an unprece­dented and irreplaceable bliss.

“I thank you for existing, I am grateful to you and to anybody whom I thought to be my enemy in the past, for without the difficult relation I had with you I would have never put myself out to ferret ways to enhance this relationship and hence I would not now be experiencing this superb and freeing openness of the heart and the euphoria of the mind which the forgiveness provides me.

“Besides, who am I to forgive you, my self? Under which capacity am I authorized to forgive you? Who am I, your judge? Of course not. You have always been, you are now and you will be forever free to be whatever you are, to do whatever you do, to think whatever you think, to say whatever you say, to fear whatever you fear, to waste your life as you wish. You were, are and will be allowed to be exactly who you are, yourself. It did not concern me when I did not forgive you; it does not concern me even now that I forgive you. My forgiveness for you can in no case be something that should concern you; it concerns only my own liberation. You used to have, still have and will have forever the right, in all eras, to be what you are, to be a free entity.

“I said these things, in order to make clear once forever that I do not have the right to judge or criticize you, not even to forgive you. You are beyond any criticism, you are even beyond forgiveness; and not only you, my self, but also all my brothers in this world. There is nobody who is not a completely free entity. Any opposite opinion I may have on this subject is but a miserable idea of mine, and as such I will regard it from now on, whenever it visits me and makes me believe that I have the right of judging on you and on anybody else”.

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