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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Α32. The sleep of the righteous.

After this realization the mind feels once again the familiar sweet tiredness which he experiences every time that he opens up his heart and in parallel uproots an old habit. He has often felt this sweet tiredness since he started the works of the erection of his State of Freedom.

Along with the tiredness he also feels joy for he dared to deepen into, see head-on and heal a part of his sanctuary. He now feels the self-esteem of the bold warrior, who was not scared and did not quail during the battle, but carried on, ignoring the Sirens who called for him for trivial joys; he preferred the difficult endeavour, he beat the fears which were hidden behind the mask of sloth and laziness and was vindicated. All these together compose the sensation of sweetness which is poured into the mind and calms the mind down, thus freeing him from the strain of redundant thoughts.

Hence, the tiredness becomes sweet and, as a result, the blissful “sleep of the righteous” follows, who, before falling asleep, makes his last thought: “Today I did the best I could. Without conceit, with humility, I participated in life actively, affected the universe positively – as much as its creator allowed me – and sowed a seed which one day will sprout and blossom”.

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