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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Α36. The mind cultivates my inner broadness.

Now the mind feels the need to find a way to consolidate his new acquisition, in order to not lose it again. He would like, if possible, to not find himself again in the belligerent state of fury for his weaknesses and the fascistic demand for immediate correction. He has many times felt the horrors of the inner war in his life until now; there is nothing more for him to learn from this kind of pain. Hence, he wants now to find a way to anchor peace and establish it, instill it into my cells and found it deeply inside my body and make it an incorporated, constituent and undetachable part of their matter, in order to not lose it again.

In order to lay the foundation, he will first have to make free space. For this purpose, I close my eyes and stay in quietness and darkness for a while. Thereby, the mind now quiets down. He observes the whole body. The cells, inexhaustible workers, collaborate with each other in total harmony. Many cells together constitute a tissue and see to its good health. Many tissues form an organ and many organs compose a system. Each organ of the body has undertaken a task and fulfills it silently, consistently, humbly and adherently, without any muttering, need for recognition or any other troubles which could possibly distract his attention from his task.

Only the troubles of the mind can cause malfunctions to the body; the organs do not have troubles of their own. The mind has often ascertained this fact, whenever he has noticed on my body neurovegetative or psychosomatic symptoms, such as headaches, unintended muscular contractions, stomach-aches and others.

In the same way, he thinks, in which he causes malfunctions to the organs of the body by his troubles, he could perhaps support them on their task by some intended positive thoughtforms and thus indirectly gain advantage for himself, too. For example, the somatization of acceptance could possibly be the key not only for a better function of the organs but also for a more stable foundation of the acceptance itself, in order to not be lost again.

For, as long as he holds acceptance confined in the organ of the brain, it is easy for some thoughts originating in the old times to expel it and thus ignite a new inner war. If, on the contrary, he achieves to spread it all over the organism, that is to say in the organs, tissues and cells of the body, then he will have made it unshakable, steadfast and irremovable. The notion of acceptance will then have been rooted for good into my body. It will no more be a mere notion, as it will have become one with my very flesh. Namely, the notion (coming from the Greek word “νους” = nous, which means “mind”) of acceptance will no more be located only in the mind, as it will have been somatized (deriving from the Greek word “σώμα” = soma, which means body) completely in the body.

A little earlier, the body already tasted the tingle, the disso-lution and the sweetness caused by the grindings of the demands’ crust which shattered and tumbled down through the whole body. In other words, the body has already received and enjoyed the beneficence of acceptance, and therefore the organs now do want the acceptance, they liked it and they do want to have it. The only thing that remains now for the mind to do is to stabilize and broaden even more this openness of the organs, in order to increase their inner broadness, so that the broadness of the organs of my body will “give enough space for”, that is to say “forgive” all facets of the mind. This will apply not only to the mind’s facets which please him and which he is proud of, but also for the ones which annoy him and which he would prefer not to exist at all. Both of these kinds of his facets will be thus enveloped with acceptance, love, warmth, care, serenity and peace, so that they will remain calm and quiet inside the protective chambers of the inner broadness of my body, they will calm down, be legitimized and redeemed, and thereby stop feeling hunted, persecuted, wicked and unwanted.

Hence, the mind takes one by one the junctional centers of the body and broadens them, makes them more open and after that affectionately throws into them all his weaknesses and imperfections, as well as the pride for his “good” facets, together with the acceptance for them and with the conviction that all his anxieties are nonsensical, since he is now allowed to make mistakes or have weaknesses or be stupidly proud of his positive facets. By that means, one after the other all parts of the body become broader and are filled up with acceptance and equanimity, namely the head, neck, throat, shoulders, breast, heart, arms, fingers, stomach and all my innards, the back end to end, the spine up to the tailbone, the waist, genitals, bottoms, thighs, shins, ankles, soles and toes.

The whole body is now in a state of broadness. With one voice all organs, tissues and cells declare with certainty that, yes, they do accept my imperfections, they acknowledge the right of the mind to be bewitched be the world and hence regress. They do not hold it against him, they love and support him. They understand and sense the burden of his responsibility, as everything depends on him. They contribute in his endeavour to attain freedom, they forgive him, they do not haste and they continue their work harmoniously with forbearance. They always lighten and sweeten his adverse and often bitter way with compassion and love, positive kinds of energy which by nature and not by force have a transformative power, which is magical and noiseless, and mild yet stable.

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