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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Α38. The acceptance of committing errors.

“You do not accept the mistakes”, says the mind, “you want everything in the world to be perfect. It is, indeed, pleasant to create, write beautiful texts, make up your home, organize your working place, train your body and spirit and afterwards proudly relax back in your chair to enjoy your pieces of work. This is the one way to rejoice. The joy by this way is intense, but it lasts only as long as you do not get bored by proudly watching your achievements. After that you sense a void, which you do not know what to do with, remember? Then, you start again to be afraid of the future, in fact afraid of the next moment, because you know that you will not always have the possibility or the inspiration to create and admire your works and you are afraid of the grief and the disappointment which will inevitably take again the place of joy. Is it not true?

“Watch now a second way to receive equally intense joy: Imagine that your home is a mess. Everywhere there is filth, cockroaches, spiders, broken windows with lots of dust, dirty clothes left here and there, the walls grey, mangy, dull, flaked off, old food remains poured on the floor and on the furniture, the door hinges screech and squeak out of rust, the doors and windows are warped and cannot close properly. Imagine that where you work nothing is at its proper place, your valuable papers have been torn, chairs and desks are olden and broken. Your fat body is untrained, obese and flabby, un-washed, your legs and armpits stink, your hair is sticky and full of fat; you have hurt your leg and cripple. Through your mind pass thousands of useless ideas, words and numbers, doubts and worries, which cause you great confusion. Imagine also this text doooodled, unntidi,, vith badd speling,   a;flf;;lkf;    the worrds in a rong orter hj;apoffyoy    , …../@$%***()!!!???^΄΄  without    e    koheerent    asosieition,    the siits  tornup ,  all a laouzy maiss!

“Now recognize within yourself the possibility to have inner harmony and peace even under such awful conditions. See this practically by yourself, by doing the following exercise: Realize that, even when the mistake and the chaos prevail around you and within yourself, none of these occurring mistakes can deprive you of the possibility to take loving care for yourself, lay him flat on the floor facing up for a while and close his eyes, in order for him to take some deep slow breaths; to let your body drop heavy and the muscles relax and give up the continuous useless contractions of anxiety; to tell yourself that everything is good and ignore for a short time the masterless, harassed, and dusty thoughts which unreduced get on with flooding your mind; to resign from the persistent haste to correct everything here and now. By that means, fill the impatient gluttonous hole[1] you have in the stomach with forbearance, silence and deep quietness and relieve the cells of your forehead and your brain of the thick guck of trouble thus making them again upright, vivid, flexible and luminous.

“Can you see it? Now that you tried it, it happened. Everything is but an idea. Remember this. Your inner experiences can be beautiful and peaceful, regardless of the external conditions and the exogenous impediments. What is more, they can remain uninfluenced even by the inner conditions and the intrinsic malfunctions, such as masterless negative thoughts. It takes only to want this strongly enough and train yourself in this many times per day, whenever you sense the guck of trouble permeate and obscure your brain cells again”.

I thank the wise father-mind for his apposite guidance. So, indeed, – by his assistance I figure this out once again – acceptance leads to self-disposal, thus giving me a first taste of what inner freedom means.

In addition, the wise father-mind says: “And remember: When you were born, you had no dexterity and no knowledge about how to handle with this complex world. Your creator has willed that the infants are born totally incompetent and dependent. Hence, your ignorance is his will and is not due to your liability. As a result, you are not to blame for your mistakes; they are simply fields of knowledge which you have not yet managed to conquer, which is totally natural and justified.

“On the contrary, you only deserve congratulations for what-ever you have learned to perform correctly, since you did not know anything in the beginning. And do not think that you have delayed to learn some elementary things, because you are not in the position to know for which exact reasons the nature has not granted you with gifts such as inner easiness, will of power, capability to focus on a goal steadily and self-discipline, which have been graciously given to some of your brothers who achieved their goals earlier than you; therefore, you are also not in the position to judge yourself or anybody else for his mistakes.

“As a result, every comparison is goalless and useless by nature, since it cannot take into consideration important un-known factors, such as the starting point and the destination, that is to say the special mission of your self and of each one of your brothers in this world”.

[1] A picturesque portrayal by which the mind satirizes my emotional void, due to which I “attack” my food and any other activity from which I expect the filling of the hole that I sense in the stomach. This hole hates patience, forbearance, stillness, relaxation and slow, calm movements, because it rushes to get everything fulfilled here and now. Moreover, sometimes this sense of the hole overshadows everything else and causes me restlessness and excitability, a very unpleasant situation of neurotic bout.

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