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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

Α9. Parking is prohibited.

Next evening…

I applied the step of confession during all day today, and it helped me a lot. Often, of course, the mind, doubted the value of confession, as he identified himself with the worldly pro-ceedings, and whispered to me every time: “The confession will neither nourish nor glorify you within the world!”

Then, the heart walked up his tower, entered his steep king­dom inside my head, found him trumpeting his ideas in a state of conceit and told him in a peaceful voice, again and again, until he piped down: “My dear monkey, I do not pay you with blood and oxygen in order to think, but in order to do whatever it takes, in order for both of us to get free from your vain asso­ciations regarding worldly acquire­ments and achievements. Therefore, please stop speaking and be so kind as to step down again to the real world and re-enter my maternal cham­bers, in order to confess from there again your passions, your fears and the weaknesses which have obsessed you once again”.

And the mind, who after some time fizzled out and stilled, listened to her at last and, realizing his new error, became prudent again by the sweet and wise voice of the heart, lowered his tones and gaze and slipped silently and humbly into her warm hug, in order to confess and liberate himself again from the pointless anguish which had obsessed him once again.

The mind now realizes that all his relapses with no exception have their roots in the past. He cannot explain otherwise why he forgets many times a day the self-explicable words of the heart, although he has radically and absolutely agreed with them. Certainly this occurs due to a powerful counterforce, and he does not know any other such powerful force than the registrations of the past.

He longs for liberation, therefore this time he wants to go on one step farther than the sweet confession, in order to establish better the relief he feels every time that he confesses one of his weaknesses. Up to now he was content with the provided carefreeness and nestled inside the warm hug of confession, which nevertheless proved to be insufficient for his definite salvation, as the voices of his fears soon became louder and louder, until they made the life-conveying heart-beats unhearable and then enticed him easily to new predict-able and painful trips.

He is far from willing to put himself out from the heart’s cosiness. He wishes he could nestle there forever, but now he knows that this is not possible. If he chooses this, the backslidings will be unavoidable; he does not harbor such delusions anymore. He has now realized that on the path to freedom which he has begun to traverse the long term parking is prohibited. Only short stoppages at the cosy station “Heart” are allowed, for the disembarkation of old habits and the embarkation of the new ones. Otherwise, the crane of the past interferes, grasps the illegally parked vehicle of the mind and raises it high into the air, where the winds of masterless thoughts and emotions beat it.

Hence, he has no sooner enjoyed the heart’s lap than it is necessary for him to carry on and leave the lap behind without delay, in order to secure through work the just embarked habits, because the crane of the past is waiting out sitting up. Freedom means alert and alert means freedom. Resting on one’s laurels is the beginning of the slavery[1], because the envious usurpers of the peaceful throne of the heart are on the watch.

Nonetheless, in his further course the memory of the heart’s lap will be accompanying and sustaining him. For the mind, this is important sustenance in which to move forward with.

In other words, for the course of the mind during this internal journey which he recently started applies exactly the same rule which applies for every human being during the external journey of his whole life: as it has been proved by scientific researches, the covering of the vital needs of security, affec­tion, love, recognition and acceptance during the various criti­cal growing phases of infancy, childhood and puberty, is an indispensable presupposition for the man to have later as an adult self-confidence, independence, initiative, tidiness, to­getherness, stamina, optimism, decisiveness and feeling of completeness.

[1] (according to the Ancient Greek proverb “αργία μήτηρ πάσης κακίας”, which means “Idleness is mother to all vices”)

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