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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

C10. The healing power of positive visualization.

(I was able to write this chapter only after I had
finished writing my next book, the Book of Dreams.
It was impossible for me to write it before.)

Now I mentally approach my brothers who belong to the aforementioned categories and talk to them telling to each of them what he needs to hear in order for his mind to become open towards new directions. I mentally help each of them to find the source of joy within himself, forgive himself and the others and settle down, in order to be able to live his days with love, joy, warmth and have every night a quiet sleep, full of beautiful and redeeming dreams.

Consequently, I visualize my brothers espousing these re­deeming ideas and living their lives freely, in abundance and joy, without paying too much importance to their old familiar thoughts which used to claim that there are serious reasons for them to be unhappy.

Namely, I mentally approach with my imagination the suffering brothers of all aforementioned categories and talk to them from the bottom of my heart, choosing with discrimination what to tell to each of them, after taking into consideration what each of them needs to hear, depending on his special mental problem:

  1. I tell the rich people that, although I have never been really rich, I have often thought that some people come to me in order to exploit me. But eventually I felt too poor due to this attitude and preferred to see into their anguishes and lack of self-confidence that haunted them, and I bent over their problem, by uttering a beneficial word and stimulating them, in order to help them stand on their own feet. Then they left, expressing their gratitude, and they did not feel the need again to come up in order to take any kind of advantage of me.
  2. I approach the poor people and explain to them that what is really important is to live every single moment of their lives feeling at one with themselves and quit the emotion of anger which they harbor both against themselves for their failures and against the rich people for the injustice which, according to their opinion, they commit at the expense of the poor people who suffer. I made clear to them that, with only a few excep­tions, also the rich people are, in general, deep down poor, since they are also obsessed by the same fears that the poor people have: fear of failure in the struggle of life and fear of losing whatever they consider as their own. I explain to them that I also used to harbor the same negative emotions towards the people who are richer and more successful than me, and that I have found peace only when I resorted to my inner being and decided to rejoice simply and only due to the very fact of my existence. I prompt the poor people to do the same, in order to find the spiritual peace they long for. Our life is precious; it is a pity to waste and poison it with grief, fury and grudge. I see their faces calm and settle down, and my own face, too; our hearts palpitate in unison in the rhythm of our companionship, which, all of a sudden, obtains substance and worthiness, now that the fog of desperation has dissipated.
  3. I tell the insecure narcissists that I also have the tendency to show off my spiritual achievements and brainchildren, yearning for the admiration of others. But I have seen how inconvenient the void always becomes, the void that remains inside me after chasing after others’ esteem. Hence, I have decided to not pay any importance to this inclination of my mind and refrain from it peacefully, finding refuge in the idea that I am full and content by myself, already satisfied with what I am and with the simple fact that I live within the world. Since I made this decision, my mind opened towards experiencing care and compassion for others, who became, to my eyes, from mere potential admirers to human beings with anguishes which thirst for redemption. In other words, I saw, at last, what people around me really are and felt the urge to care for them and stand at their side, where they really need me. This gave me deep joy and caused a heart opening up in me. This is what I explain to my insecure narcissistic brothers, and hence they see their mirror in my face. Initially they freak with what they see, they are shocked; but soon the first jolt goes by and they decide to also enrich their lives with the wealth and abundance of care and love which they had been deprived of all these years, as they had been puppets in the hands of their narcissism.
  4. I bring the loveless men and women close to me and tell them that at one time, many years ago, before I believed in myself in the least, I also had the same fears of a potential pain and, therefore, did not dare to approach women, out of fear of hearing a “no”. But after some time I noticed that I was withering away due to this attitude, because I was missing my other half, the female presence, that “other world” of mine, which is the only capable to disentangle me from the web of my male mind, and so I decided to dare, and let the chips fall where they may. I saw how baseless the fear of rejection was and keenly flowed into life, until at some time I tasted the joy of comradely coexistence with a person of the opposite sex. And then, the old pain of rejection from the past instantly dissipated; it was totally redeemed, it faded out in the delight of love and in the luminous look of mutual devotion between me and my partner. I can now see on the faces of the loveless and scared men and women sympathy for me and for what I have come through. This sympathy, by a predictable mental association, soon falls back on themselves, and so they make the decision to serve better their deep need for participation in love and life and leave aside their baseless fears that they might suffer again. A “no” never killed anybody, but the withdrawal from life kills them day after day. The way has opened for them; their life now belongs to them.
  5. I mentally address my mated brothers who have been used to living with the anxiety caused by the question whether their partner is going to provide them with delight, joy, security and whatever else they may expect from him or her. I tell them that I have personally experienced this anxiety for many years, like I have also experienced the rejoicing of caring for inner freedom of my partner, and I assure them that only in the latter case I felt that I respected myself and that I cared for him with esteem and love. This is like this, because in the first case I used to condemn myself to constant agony due to my emotional dependency on what someone else was going to do and with what kind of a vein he was going to look at me or talk to me. On the contrary, in the latter case, the joy of seeing my partner blossoming near me is wealth and abundance for me. I urge my brothers to also obtain these beautiful inner experi­ences. Indeed, I see them now contemplating on this; they are a hair’s breadth away from making the choice to recall all expectations and demands from their partner, in order to make plenty of inner space available to establish in themselves consideration and care for the person they love. This prospect opens for them new spiritual horizons of creativity and enchantment, as they have already started to visualize the gradual blooming of their partner in the coming years. This project looks sacred to their eyes, and their chests fill with joy when they think that they shall devote themselves to this goal. Their life has now, at last, obtained colour.
  6. I see the parents who have dedicated themselves to their children in order to forget the monotony of their own lives, and I remind them that they are self-sufficient entities and not attachments of their children. They are their selves and not the parents of their children. I help them find their forgotten identity again and turn their attention to inner peace and introspection, on the one hand, and to the beauty of the world around them, on the other hand. I motivate them to keep their eyes open, so as to be constantly up to see who is in need in their environment and hustle to show him or her the way to joy and liberation from the boundaries of his or her mind. I visualize them doing so indeed and rejoicing out of compassion and empathy while they see the tangible effect of their love on their fellow person. They can now see the difference of this state of emotional broadness compared to the persistent fixation upon their children, and they understand.
  7. I see the adolescents, lost in their own world, struggling day after day to escape from the society’s terrifying stranglehold, which they feel strangling their throat and not letting them breathe, the more intensely the more they grow up. I remember myself, when I was an adolescent; It took me several years until I recovered the shock of the responsibility which is related to the transition to adulthood. I share this experience of mine with the contemporary adolescents, mentally talking with them and reminding them that whatever they have heard from their parents and their environment are all lies: nothing is lost with a failure in studies, women, sports, or in any other sector of life. “Life is beautiful, fellows”, I tell them, and they become children again. They take deep breaths again after a long time, their faces brighten and they find their lost freshness and joy again.
  8. I approach the toilers with boundless compassion, as I have also been one of them for many years. “All of the despair is for nothing, brothers, it does not get anywhere. Thereby, life slips through your fingers. The true cause of your despair is your old fear of the responsibilities of life. The tribulations of your job are only the excuses; can you understand this? Can you see it? It is self-evident; you just need to realize it! Now, forgive yourselves and allow them to not have achieved everything you dreamed for yourselves and your families. Live joyfully the creative hours of work in the office, in the factory, on the fields, on the road, or wherever else you are to be found during your working hours. Every single moment is nothing but a part of the treasure of your life. You needn’t worry about your family, they also have brain and body like you, and so they will make it; do not fret, nothing can come out from this, I know it firsthand, I am telling you”. I can now see them simmering down, while their mentality changes. Their life becomes simple and agreeable, the look of anguish vanishes from their eyes and the dissonance is removed from their movement. They enjoy their work, relish their families and live a lovely life, at last.
  9. “Grief-stricken parents who have lost your children, I understand the tragedy you are going through, but please, acknowledge your innate capability for transcendence. Take as example other parents, who ignored their pain and dedicated themselves to the service of the children of the whole world, thus accomplishing significant works for the sake of suffering tormented and innocent souls[1]. By saving the children of the world who have been aggrieved by their bad fate, your soul will rejoice; this I can promise to you. Your perished child will remain for you a touching memory, yet the tears shall turn to sweet juices of abundance and deep joy for your soul. Yes, such things can happen, they are not unfeasible, they have already happened to numerous other parents who have lost their children”. My words touch them, although they initially have difficulty to believe them. But, yes, I can see them now while they rise and open their eyes towards the world, hear the appeals for help, sigh deeply and proceed. The start has been made. They will certainly also reach the end, where redemption resides; redemption from the greatest among all sufferings, which is for the parents the loss of their offspring.
  10. “Defeatist shrunken brothers, if you fail, this will not be the end of the world! Step out from your cocoon and participate in life; do it as a game! There is nothing for you to lose, actually. Defeat and taunting cannot really harm anyone. The only thing that is painful, agonizing and traumatic is sitting on your eggs and cringing out of fear. Live! Rejoice! You deserve it! Offer this gift to yourselves, ignore your hesitations for a while and put them aside, they are of no value. They are nothing but the endless recirculation of the same thoughts again and again in your mind; a mere mental obsession, an inexistent entity which you mistook for existent, thus allowing it to overbear you. Play within the world, and you will have a wonderful time, I promise you!” They stand up now, I can see them; they take a deep breath of relief and go to play within the world, for the sake of the game itself, totally indifferent for the outcome of their activities.
  11. “My technocratic brothers, you victims of your fixed idea for organization and rationalization, I have also been one of you for years. Mistakes are permitted, and messy people are also remarkable. Yes, they are; even if it seems unbelievable to you, it is really like this. We can now all together forgive our messy self, allow him to be casual and thus let him work in order to simply enjoy his life and not in order to constantly try to prove to us how disciplined and organized he is. Success is now indifferent to us; what now matters, is the joy of creating and the mere conscious participation of the mind in the movements of the body every single moment, as well as the cognizance of our thoughts, the relish of the presence of colleagues and all other brothers with whom we interact during the day”. They relax; I can see them; they become humane again. They forgive themselves as well as others, and they get to live in a beautiful, simple and peaceful way. Moreover, their performance increases proportionately to their relaxation level, and their tiredness vanishes due to the fact that their body and spirit become free and joyful.
  12. I see my brothers who are steeped in self-destructive passions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling and electronic games. I remember myself how I was also groping to find a way out from my emotional deadlocks through some of these passions. I remember the feelings of desperation and help-lessness caused to me due to my addiction to such passions. I now fill my chest with understanding and love, both for my then self and for my currently addicted brothers of both sexes and all ages. I assure them that I am here to help them and that I consider them totally innocent for whatever they have been doing in their lives until now. “This is your own life and you are allowed to do with it whatever you want”, I tell them. “If you want some pure joy, devoid of any kind of anguish and passion, you can give me your hand so that I take you to some brothers who are anxiously waiting for you to receive your help and then look at you with a vein of gratitude and redemption for the benefit you will have offered them”. They can now see a light at the end of their mental tunnel and give me their hand tentatively; after all, there is nothing for them to lose. Thus, the start has been made.
  13. “My neurotic brothers, I am also one of you, I concede it. My unfulfilled desires tend to keep me constrained to the fixations they generate in my mind. Come with me, for all of us to investigate together more thoroughly what we really want for ourselves. Sit close to me, close your eyes for a while and start dreaming, together with me. Envisage a joyful self, who, forgiven for whatever he has not achieved, chooses to be well within and lay down every single second his painful thoughts to the inner light which streams out from his chest. Do you see it? This is what we all really want for ourselves, both you and I. If we practise this exercise for a little while every day for the sake of our spiritual health, our mind is going to get used to this procedure and the light will prevail within us. We, neurotic kids, have been skilled in sorrow and misery over the years. Now the time has come for us to get reskilled. It is worth to persevere, always peacefully, of course. It is for the sake of the quality of our lives! It is for the sake of every single moment of our lives, of our very existence! I think that an at least marginal self-respect must have been left for us to take care of ourselves a little bit, what do you think?” They agree. They come and sit close to me, they close their eyes and focus upon their inner light and lay down to it their thoughts one after the other, one at a second, because this is the rate in which fixed ideas leap out in the mind of neurotic persons like us. We enjoy this mental exercise, and so we decide to get on with it.
  14. I see the faces of some sly brothers, who have at times committed injustices against me and against other brothers of ours. I see their chest and their whole body dried out. Their hollow and shriveled heart suffers under the yoke of their tyrannical mind, who persists on the familiar idea of cheating and exploiting others in any possible way. This is also a neurosis; hence, the solution will be the one I applied for my neurotic brothers a little while ago. I mentally invite them, too. Τhey come and sit close to me, and I prompt them to close their eyes, in order to look at their misery in the face in their inner mirror and weep for their chronic deprivation of light and comradely joy that other brothers relish with all their hearts. As a result, they envy their brothers and they suffer. Through their mental birth-throes what is born is exhaustion and surrender to their inner light, which had never ceased to smolder. They saw it, they felt its warmth, and now they settle down. They forgo cunning, for they no longer like poverty. They roll over for the childish laughter, far from any ulterior motive, at last, for the first time after many years.
  15. Hunted and exasperated, my sexually abused brothers sit aside. They consciously abstain from all kinds of joy that life can give them. They feel dirty, contaminated and wronged. The sentiment of injustice and outrage asphyxiates them. Unfortunately, what has been done cannot be undone; this thought makes them very upset. The wound remains still open; it seems to be not curable. That incidence can no way be forgotten, let alone if that crime has been committed habitually. Their chest is never able to take a full and satisfying breath. All their inhalations are rushed, deficient and scanty. Their face is rugged, inwardly aching. They have no sentimental contact with the environment and their brothers. They have found refuge in the total withdrawal out of fear for new suffering. They can no more harbor any feeling of trust, and they are incapable to surrender to their life partner. Great poverty has overwhelmed their existence and their families. “Everything is good, my brothers, life goes on. Every single moment is a new opportunity for joy. Let’s give up the idea of desperation and proceed deep into the inner rejoicing. The stomach may twitch every single second, but this is no problem; once per second you can surrender every single thought of yours to the light that shines within you eternally. You are here, and the light is also here, here and now, so take delight in it, continue to lay down to it your old distress every single moment and peacefully surrender to the process of self-cure which is accomplished by your very inner world. Your inner world knows, it will heal you, its very nature is a healing one, because life is constantly streaming out from its core”. Indeed, they do surrender with forbearance to their inner world and get sweetened up for the first time after many years. Hope is drawn on their faces, and they settle down. For the first time, they surrender to the hands of their partner and cry for as long as needed, in order to get relieved from their old pain. The therapy has started, thanks to the unmistakable power of confession of all sufferings.
  16. I also see more brothers, each of them captured in his own kind of underworld, immersed in their difficult and inconvenient or even tragic roles. I call them all near me and confess them my own pain, with dedication and certainty that I shall find the way to help them feel acceptance, love and care and gradually stand on their own feet.

Thus, my existence obtains value to my eyes, as I figure out – even mentally – the beneficial effect that my presence and word can potentially have on my aching brothers. I have always been of infinite value, like anyone of us; I no longer forget this, but now I can also see my value unfolding and manifesting, and I like this, I admit it.

Now I am ready to put also into practice what I did with my creative imagination a while ago.

[1] A representative example of such a parent is Kostas Gianno-poulos, father of Andreas Giannopoulos, who passed away at the age of 10, leaving his father such a valuable heritage as the conception of the idea for the establishment of the association “The Smile of the Child”, which from then until now has embraced with its multilateral care countless children who needed help of any kind and has been filling its president Kostas Giannopoulos with rejoicing and a feeling of bliss and gratitude that certainly allays his pain for the loss of his child in a great extent.

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