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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

C12. The mind takes compassion on the unjust thief and becomes grateful for him.

The mind now remembers some of his brothers, men who have wronged him in the past. He recalls his anger for them. At the same time, he feels compassionate, because now he knows their anguishes. Thus, the old anger diminishes, dissolves and vanishes in the stream of compassion.

Besides, there is an objective reality; if those brothers had not wronged him, he would not have suffered, come to despair and been obliged to pore with affection and professional con­scientiousness over his inner world in order to find ways to cure himself. Those “heartless” brothers were for my mind nothing less than the main reasons that forced him to make the decision to erect his State of Freedom and pushed him to the quickest possible implementation of this decision. Hence, he can only feel for them gratitude and harbor a cordial wish for them to be always well and happy.

As for the monetary amount or any other kind of cost of the injustice committed against me, the mind relinquishes the miserable sentiment of the wronged person and takes refuge in the will of his Creator. He trusts that, in the same way that He took from him what he deprived him of, He will also grant him with whatever he really needs, which finally seems to be totally different from what the mind would like to not have been deprived of. Hence, the injustices that have been committed against him eventually involved things that are ultimately useless, insignificant and ephemeral, such as monetary amounts, insults of his ego and other such things that have nothing to do with his real goal, which is inner freedom.

With these thoughts, gratitude and compassion towards the brothers who have wronged him in the past sink in even more, since the feeling of injustice has now become logically baseless, because it is no more supported and fed by any fixed conviction of the mind like it was before.

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