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The State of Freedom
A journey of Truth into the mind’s sanctuary
with the destination of inner Freedom.

C13. The mind says “thanks” to his brothers.

While the mind dedicates his care, time and energy to brothers who have difficulties with various situations of life, he realizes that since several hours ago thanks to these brothers he has been unfailingly abstaining from his familiar grumble about his personal affairs. Hence, whenever they say “thank you” to him for his care and support, he answers “it is I who needs to say thank you”.

He really means this; he does not say it formally, nor does he try to convince himself about something that he does not believe enough. On the contrary, the mind recognizes, without having any doubt about this, that thanks to the trust that some of his brothers put in him while asking him for help, they gave him a unique and valuable chance to open his heart, turn himself outwards lovingly, break the bondage of his complex cobwebs for a while and feel useful, beneficiary and creative, beautiful feelings like which he had not felt during the previous months of the works for the erection of the State of Freedom. He did, of course, feel many other redeeming emotions, but these particular ones, which are related to comradeship and selfless service, these he has not felt again.

He knows well that without these high emotions he would feel that the previously experienced ones have a reduced value, because what can he ever do with a treasure if there are no happy beloved brothers around him? With whom can he relish his treasure together? Can somebody ever fill his time in a beautiful way, when he has plunged himself into his riches, either material or spiritual, without a comradely course to­gether with his brothers? No guzzler has ever attained happi­ness. Interactive smiles, eyes full of love, trust, gratitude, devotion and affection; these are the true treasure of my mind, and not the emotional peace he attained thanks to his lone­some way of self-awareness during the last few months.

Emotional peace eventually seems to be not the final goal like the mind had initially thought; it was merely the necessary bedrock that relieved him of his fixations and freed his field of vision, for him to look outwards for a while and see the real world, approach his brothers in a substantial way and co-exist with them harmoniously and constructively. His current expanded emotional peace, which has been pervaded by the interactive love of his brothers, this proved to be the ultimate goal eventually. For this reason, he thanks and feels grateful from the bottom of his heart towards his brothers who entrust their problems to him; because it is thanks to this contribution of theirs that the works for the erection of his State of Freedom are now accomplished.

Or, to be more precise, they only seem to accomplish in this stage, because, as the mind already knows very well, these works are never going to come to an end, since freedom with limits is a contradiction and hence is never possible to exist.

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